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Since the 1990s, Mike's Marina Fishing Charters has been guiding tourists through the waters near Punta Cana, showing the ropes of fishing in the Dominican Republic. If you're considering chartering a fishing tour, make sure you choose someone that is knowledgeable and friendly, just like Mike.

Mike's created and participates in a 100 percent catch and release program for all Billfish catches. Other species caught will be sold to local markets and restaurants.

Offerings and Cost

There are two main kinds of charters you can sign up for. The first is a shared charter which is four hours with a cost of $175 per person. The second kind of charter is a private charter on one of Mike's Marinas boats.

Mike's Marina's fleet consists of three boats of varying sizes. The smallest is Gladiator; the 29 foot Blackfin. After that there is another Blackfin, the 38 foot Predator. Finally, the largest boat is the 53 foot Viking name Emily.

Great for 1-4 guests, the Gladiator can be chartered for four hours at $650, six hours at $890, and eight hours for $1,150. If you pay with cash, the prices go down to $590, $790, and $990.

At 38 feet, the Predator is a bit bigger and can hold up to six guests, and includes a full sized cabin. The four hour charter costs $790, the six hour costs $1,150, and the eight hour costs $1,590. If paying with cash, the cost goes down to $690, $990, and $1,390.

The largest in the fleet, the Emily can hold up to eight people and includes a kitchen. All charters with the Emily must be paid in cash. For a four hour charter it is $990, $1,490 for six hours, $1,890 for eight hours, and $2,150 for ten hours. The Emily can also go on specialized Blue Marlin Charters from June to October, and specialized Sailfish charters in April for $2,290.

Location and Contact Information

Mike's Marina Fishing Charters is located 1.0 mile northeast of Juanillo, a village in the vicinity of Punta Cana; it's two and a half miles (four kilometers) to the south-southwest of Punta Cana.

Location: the vicinity of Punta Cana, Hispaniola

Website: http://mikesmarina.info/

Email: mikesmarinafishingcharters@gmail.com


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