Attractions in Punta Gorda

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The most sizable town in Southern Belize, Punta Gorda still features only five main roads.  While Punta Gorda itself may not offer much by way of local attractions, it serves as the gateway to all that the Toledo district has to offer, and serves as a cozy home base to rent a room to retire to each night. 

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Guests will discover some other intriguing local attractions in this area.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Cotton Tree Chocolate Factory Tour. It is located in Punta Gorda. You can tour the facility between 8:00 a.m. and noon as well as 1:30 to 5:00 p.m.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In Punta Gorda
Name Type Location
Cotton Tree Chocolate Factory Tour Facility Viewing 0.4 mi. East-Northeast of Central Punta Gorda Belize


Although most tourists are attracted by the beautiful water and coastline, that isn't the only way to enjoy the area's natural wonders. The one example is Laguna Cave. It is located 7.5 mi. Northwest of central Punta Gorda. <p>Laguna Cave could be an important landmark with historical and archeological significance, but as of right now that has not been determined. Although a few pieces of pottery have been uncovered, the lack of excavations leave guests wondering the true nature of the cave. If you're interested in mystery and nature, this is a great spot for you to visit.</p>

Day Trips: More Attractions Near San Pedro

If you want to explore all that Southern Belize has to offer, you will need to leave the cozy setting of San Pedro.  Northwest of town you will find an extraordinary collection of natural parks, cave systems, wateralls, and historical ruins jwaiting to be explored.

Toledo Botanical Arboretum: More of a farm than a garden, the Toledo Botanical Arboretum is completely self-sufficient; producing all of its food and energy on-site. Visitors will be able to tour the grounds, explore the fifty-five different species of trees, as well as have the opportunity to buy jams and jellies of fruit grown on the farm.

Uxbenka: meaning "Ancient Place" these Maya Ruins were once a ceremonial location. In ages past, the ruins were the centerpiece of a plaza surrounded by six buildings. Today, remnants of a tomb, walls, and the original plaza are still visible. Be aware, however, that there is little in the way of tourist services at this location.

Lubaantun: For a more tourist-friendly ruin system, check out Lubaantun. Maintained by professionals and historic preservationist, tourist coming to the area are sure to be treated to an intriguing and educational tour of this once active settlement. Those taking the time to visit Lubaantun will be able to explore lookout towers, maps of the areas, pottery collections, and other ruins and relics of those that once called the area home.

Rio Blanco Falls: Despite its small size, Rio Blanco Falls is one of the most popular waterfalls in Belize. This is thanks to the large pool that the falls empty into, forming a perfect place to swim. Adventurous visitors are also able to jump from a ledge over looking the pool – down twenty feet as you plunge in the pool. This is sure to be an exciting addition to the lazy town of San Pedro.

For more information on the many attractions in Belize, please read are Belize Attraction Guide. Here you will be able to find some more places that are hidden among rural Southern Belize.


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