Punta Gorda Restaurants

Many of the dining options in Punta Gorda are small, unassuming restaurants both locally owned and featuring a laid back atmosphere. Don't expect that fancy night on the town, but do expect good service and hearty fare.

Caribbean and Local

For those guests who like tasting new and exciting recipes that are particular to the area they're visiting, Punta Gorda offers a handful of genuinely local choices to pick from. Belizean and Latin American dishes are two of the popular dining options found in the area. Be sure to remember that you can click on the link to each restaurant to read more info.

A Piece of Chicken is situated at A Piece of Ground and is a local bar and grill located in southern Punta Gorda. Known as Backa Jama's premiere food spot, A Piece of Chicken offers a variety of protein filled meals with vegetarian options also available. They're at 1050 Pelican Street.

Asha’s Culture Kitchen is a restaurant that's worthy of consideration. This popular restaurant has a fun vibe that attracts guests, then when they realize that the food is also good, it's hard to stop them from returning. Find them on Front Street.

Da Lazy Fish: Next to the local fish co-op is a relaxed restaurant that can't help but serve the freshest seafood around. You can find them on Main Steet.

The table down below presents the 5 different possibilities that are able to be seen in Punta Gorda.

Caribbean and Local Restaurants in Punta Gorda
Name Location Type Phone Number
A Piece of Chicken 0.7 mi. South-Southwest of Central Punta Gorda Belizean (501) 702-0044
Asha’s Culture Kitchen 0.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central Punta Gorda Latin American (501) 632-8025
Da Lazy Fish Central Punta Gorda Latin American --
Emery’s Central Punta Gorda Belizean (501) 702-2929
Grace's Restaurant Central Punta Gorda Belizean (501) 702-2414

European and Asian

Although there is only one restaurant in this category, you will be able to get more details in the table below.

European and Asian Restaurants in Punta Gorda
Name Location Type Phone Number
Hang Cheong Restaurant Central Punta Gorda Belize Asian (501) 722-2064

American and Other

BoneVille Cafe

Though you'll find a few recognizable mealtime options, you will also be able to try some eclectic and International food.

Ex-Servicemen's Bar is situated at Hickatee Cottages and is a local seafood option located within western Punta Gorda. Eat a home cooked meal every time at Hickatee Cottages where fresh ingredients are grown right on Hickatee Cottage's farm and from the local market. The chef offers a table d’hote dinner. You will find them on Ex-Servicemen Road.

Another area restaurant you might consider visiting is BoneVille Cafe. The menu at BoneVille Cafe features fresh pastries, coffee, burgers, and more! Outside dining is also available, along with delivery services. The property is situated at 4 Front Street.

Gomier’s Restaurant: Just passed the famous "Welcome to Punta Gorda" sign is this health-food restaurant run by a friendly French Rastafarian. Although they do serve up a mainly vegetarian menu, fish is available as well. You will find them on Alejandro Vernon Street.

Diners should consider visiting Earth Runnins Cafe and Bukut Bar. This is one of the best spots for local seafood, but they do a great curry paired with roti bread, and a few Mediterranean dishes like babaganoosh. Find them at 13 Main Middle St.

You can use the table down below to find more information on related options within the area.

American and Other Restaurants in Punta Gorda
Name Location Type Phone Number
BoneVille Cafe 0.6 mi. Northeast of Central Punta Gorda Eclectic (501) 699-3299
Earth Runnins Cafe and Bukut Bar Central Punta Gorda International (501) 702-2007
Ex-Servicemen's Bar 1.8 mi. West of Central Punta Gorda Eclectic (501) 662-4475
Gomier’s Restaurant Central Punta Gorda Vegetarian --

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