Quebradillas Attractions

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Quebradillas literally means “small streams,” and the waterways that run through this northwest coast town is a great place to start your exploration of the area's outdoor attractions.  Nature stars here, as the town is home to one of the island's forest reserves, within which there are over 40 hiking trails alone; a man made lake which also has a carefully constructed hiking trail; and a coast lined with beaches that are not only great for swimming, but for seashell hunting as well. 


Jobos Beach

You'll discover several beaches to enjoy in and around the area. Click on each beach name for more information concerning that part of the coast.

Guajataca Beach: Guajataca Beach is located off Highway 2 as you head from Isabela to Quebradillas. To get to the beach, park off the road and walk the coastal trail through an abandoned train tunnel.

Another option to consider is Shacks Beach. The beach is located directly north of the center of the city, Isabela. Taking Calle Emilio Gonzalez north, just keep going north until you are at the beach.

Jabos Beach: Jobos Beach has a quiet beauty and calm setting that can be deceiving. While it is a great locale for strong surfers and sun bathers, the water has a notoriously strong riptide that is known for catching, and even drowning, swimmers.

Needless to say, the area has many other beaches to choose from in and around the area. To navigate to our page about beaches, visit this page.

Natural Attractions

Guajataca State Forest

Guajataca State Forest is one of the more popular natural attractions. Famous for the caves that are a product of the karst formations underground, the Guajataca State Forest is a popular destination for anyone looking to head underground.

Another local site worth a visit is Gozalandia. Also known as El Charo de la Leche, which means the "pool of milk," Gozalandia is a hidden oasis of three pools connecting one waterfall.

These examples are just a sample of the options worth consideration Click to view our discussion of natural attractions nearby.


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