Car Rentals in Quebradillas

Choose your vehicle wisely when you rent a car in Quabradillas

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Home to one of Puerto Rico's karst forests and a collection of beautiful beaches, lovers of the great outdoors typically plan their vacation in Quebradillas. Because there are so many natural attractions to see here, it is recommended that tourists not only rent a car, but they choose one that is designed to handle rugged territory.


The cost of a rental car in Quebradillas ranges from $40 to $70(USD) a day, with the price depending on the type of vehicle you rent, the place you are renting from, and the time of year in which you are renting. During your stay in Quabradillas, it is recommended that you rent a sports utility vehicle with good suspension and four wheel drive in order to navigate through the area's highly sought after natural attractions. There are a few other things that will affect the cost such as taxes and age. Drivers between the age of 21 and 24 are required to pay an additional $10 an $25(USD) a day as a form of insurance. Quebradillas rental agencies will also typically require that you leave a deposit of up to $500(USD) as an added security measure. The deposit will usually be charged to your credit card and removed when you've returned the vehicle.

Check this table if you want more information.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Avis Hatillo (787) 880-4225 Carr #2 KM. 81.4 Marginal - Hatillo
Easy Car Rental (787) 820-9999 Camuy

Aside from being over 21 and able to pay, the only other requirement that is standard to rent a car in Quebradillas is that you present a valid driver's license from your country of origin.


For the most part, driving in Quebradillas is similar to driving in any town in the United States. The roads are paved with street signs, lights, and traffic signals. There are some roads; however, that are barely roads at all. They remain unpaved to keep things as natural as possible, so you may find yourself driving down dirt roads on occasion. Usually, you'll know in advance because the roads are always located on the grounds of natural attractions or right near beaches, so you can drive up prepared to handle instances where you'll be driving in rugged areas and make sure you have a vehicle that can handle it.

Otherwise, you should have no issues driving in Quebradillas, though you may have to get used to a few differences. Traffic moves to the right side of the road and speed limits are posted in miles per hour, but distances are listed in kilometers. Gasoline is sold by the liter instead of by the gallon, and often you'll find it t be cheaper. The most noticeable difference is that police cars are required to have their lights flashing while in motion, so don't panic if an officer pulls up behind you flashing his lights.

Buena Vista Texaco Service Station is the one gas station we have our listing information includes. When planning, you can call them at (787) 898-3641, or it's found in Hatillo, 7.8 mi. east of Quebradillas.

Knowing these facts about renting a car and driving in Quebradillas should make it easier on you as you try and decide whether or not you'll get behind the wheel yourself during your tropical getaway.


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