Quebradillas Transportation Options

After arriving in Puerto Rico, tourists find that transportation options within Quebradillas are limited

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What you need to know about Quebradillas is that it is an eco-tourist's dream. All of the attractions within the town have to do with nature, including the numerous streams for which it is named for (the name quite literally means "small steams"), a forest reserve, over 40 trails and 25 miles of footpaths, a man-made lake, and a picturesque beach. Tourists planning to visit this part of Puerto Rico will need to plan or the rugged terrain when making transportation arrangements.

Getting There

Whether you plan to travel to Quebradillas by plane, boat, or luxury liner, all options are available to you for this easy to reach destination.

Air Travel

Unfortunately, a direct flight to Quebradillas is not possible, but most major airlines can get you pretty close. Just over an hour away from this town is the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Isla Verde. Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the region, and getting a flight from most large airports in the United States is not hard to do. Jet Blue offers the most options, with over 50 flights arriving and departing at Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport daily, but there are plenty of other options. Click here to learn more.


Tourists who enjoy exploring the of Puerto Rico may also have dream of conquering the sea and sailing to Quebradillas. This is possible for tourists who either own their own yacht or who will hire a charter and a crew to get them there; however, Quebradillas is not an official port of entry, nor is there are marina here where tourists can anchor their boat. Instead, they will have to stop in San Juan or Mayagüez to meet with customs officials to gain clearance and purchase a 12 month cruising permit for between $25 and $37(USD), then make their way to Quebradillas for the duration of their stay.


Cruise ships are big business in Puerto Rico. Old San Juan has one of the busiest ports in the region (the San Juan Cruise Port) , welcoming dozens of ships each week during the height of cruise season, and even serving as the departure point for many Caribbean adventures. Because Quebradillas is just over an hour away from San Juan by car, tourists can easily visit this town and its natural wonders during their day ashore, and some cruise lines even plan ship sponsored excursions.

Rental Cars

Scenic views and well-maintained roadways, plus a lack of public transportation make driving in Puerto Rico a recommended choice for transportation. In Quebradillas; however, you'll encounter a few roads that are not as well cared for, or even paved at all. This is on purpose, to uphold the integrity of the environment. Still, tourists who plan to rent a car here will want to plan accordingly and make sure to choose a vehicle that can handle off-roading. Click here for more details.

Buses, publicos, and taxis are a rarity here, and not something tourists should rely on. You can get to Quebradillas by paying $115(USD) for taxi carrying up to five people from the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in Isla Verde, but otherwise sightings of these vehicles are rare.

After planning how you'll get to Quebradillas, your transportation options are limited. This is important to know, especially for tourists who typically rely on public transportation during their vacations. If you can't rent a car, getting around here may be difficult, but still worth looking into.


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