Attractions in Red Hook

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Thanks to it being the home to a ferry dock and several marinas, Red Hook often appears to be a busy town – especially when you compare it to other very quiet destinations in the US Virgin Islands.  Still, it remains the calmest of the top tourist destinations on St. Thomas.  A stroll along the waterfront when it is open allows visitors a more peaceful view of the area, where they can take in views of the rolling hills, the red-tiles roofs of local restaurants and shops, and sailboats bobbing on the horizon.  


Lindquist Beach

There are an abundance of beaches to visit in and around the area. Snorkeling is an option at some of the beaches, if some members of your party are so inclined. Click on each beach name to get additional information concerning that section of the coast.

If you are hoping to snorkel, a location providing that option is Vessup Bay. Vessup Bay is located within St. Thomas and is bordered by Muller Bay. The island's narrow enclosure that creates the bay allows for calm waters, while the soft sand is perfect for sunbathers.

Another good choice for snorkeling fans is Great Bay Beach. Known for its pristine white sands and calm surf, plus its picturesque surroundings, Great Bay Beach is one that is loved by tourists. If you think sustainability is important, you'll be pleased to hear that this beach had its Blue Flag Certification renewed in 2014, which means it is a very eco-friendly place.

Secret Harbor: With a scattering of rocks just offshore, Secret Harbor Beach has some fantastic snorkeling areas for exploring the deep. A nearby set of condos and hotels blends into the scenery nicely and offers guests of the beach a bar, restaurant, and restrooms.

Luckily, the area has a wide range of choices for beaches in and around the area. To get more information on beaches available, go to this page.

Landmark Attractions

Bluebeard's Castle

One popular destination is Paradise Point Sky-Tram. It is situated in Charlotte Amalie, 4.4 mi. West of central Red Hook. Take a ride up to Paradise Point and while doing so enjoy the amazing views from the sky-tram. You will climb higher and higher up the mountain until you finally reach the Paradise Point shopping area.

Many travelers also choose to visit Bluebeard's Castle. It is located in Charlotte Amalie, 4.9 mi. West of central Red Hook. Named for an infamous pirate, Bluebeard's Castle was built in 1689 by the Danes as a fortress. Now, the castle stands on the property of a time share resort of the same name, as a landmark with little use outside of its historic beauty and majesty.

Memorial Moravian Church: The Memorial Moravian Church is a fully functioning church. While historical, there is not much for the tourist other than to appreciate the value and architecture of the building.

But that's not all -- you will find some other sites to visit. For a more comprehensive look at landmarks nearby, go to this page.

Natural Attractions

Coral World Ocean Park

One of the better known local attractions is Coral World Ocean Park. Coral World is the ultimate interactive aquarium where you are immersed in the water world of marine life. You will be able to explore and have fun while still learning a thing or two.

Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge is a second local attraction worth a visit. Buck Island National Wildlife Refuge wasn't fully established until 1981. Its main purpose was, and continues to be, as a safe haven for migratory birds that use the island as a winter home, or as a rest area before continuing further, but it can also be enjoyed by visitors.

Red Hook has some other choices. Click here to visit our page concerning natural attractions near Red Hook.


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