Sailing and Boating Near Red Hook

Sailing is a big deal in Red Hook

Photo credit © Independence Sailboat Charter

Red Hook is a well-loved yachting destination in the U.S. Virgin Islands for its easy sailing conditions, plentiful docking and mooring opportunities, and on-shore amenities that are available to sailors when they arrive.

If you merely want to spend a few hours on the water, without the cost and responsibility associated with renting a boat you should take a day sailing excursion. Take a look at the table below for information on area day sailing companies.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location
Caribbean Blue Boat Charters (340) 690-2583 9715 Estate Thomas - Red Hook
Good Day Charters (340) 514-3458 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Independence Sailboat Charter (340) 513-2897 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Nate's Custom Charters Day Tours (340) 244-2497 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Oh Be Joyful Sailing (340) 244-0605 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Rumbaba Charters (340) 690-1659 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Sail With Liberty (443) 831-1911 6292 Estate Nazareth #100 - Red Hook
Sail with Captain Max (340) 775-7467 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Simplicity Charters (340) 998-9129 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Sun Sea Charters (340) 626-6785 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
VIBE Charters (340) 626-2875 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook

Boat Rentals and Charters

Red Hook, and to some extent in the East End area, is home to numerous charter companies because sailing is such an important and popular pastime on St. Thomas.  Depending on the type of sailing you're after, you'll find everything from small little speed boats through huge luxury yachts available for a few hours to a few days.  

Thinking about a boat or yacht charter? Take a look at this next chart if you want to reach area charter companies.

Charter and Rental Services
Name Phone Location
Awesome Power Boat Rental (340) 775-0860 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Crewed Charters (340) 776-4811 3801 Crown Bay - Red Hook
Island Yachts (340) 775-6666 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Magic Moments Luxury Excursions (340) 774-5530 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Nauti Nymph Powerboat Rentals (340) 775-5066 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
See & Ski Power Boat Rentals (340) 775-6265 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
St. Thomas Boat Rental (340) 227-5144 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Stormy Pirates Boat Charters Red Hook (340) 775-7990 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook
Virgin Islands Boat Rental (888) 493-2114 American Yacht Harbor - Red Hook


If you plan to sail into Red Hook, stopover at the port in Charlotte Amalie first to gain clearance with customs, then travel north east along the coast until you've reached East End. Here, there are multiple marinas where yachters can rent a slip for up to six months. If you plan to stay longer, you'll have to register your watercraft with the Department of Planning and Natural Resources.

Is your plan to visit Red Hook in your own vessel, or a boat you charter in a different location? See the table below for basic information for marinas in the area.

Name Phone Location
American Yacht Harbor (340) 775-6454 Red Hook
Independent Boatyard (340) 776-0466 East End
Oasis Cove Marina (340) 244-0442 6186 Estate Frydenhoj - East End
Sapphire Beach Marina (340) 998-1203 East End
Vessup Bay Marina -- Red Hook

Mooring your vessel in the waters surrounding Red Hook is possible as well. The Reef Ecology Foundation of Red Hook allows yachters to moor at various location marked off by blue-striped buoys for free overnight so long as the boat is less than 60 feet long. You can call 340-775-0097 to connect with the Reef Ecology Foundation and gain information about the locations of specific mooring points.

Nearby Anchorages
Location Latitude Longitude
Vessup Bay - Red Hook 18.3241271069 -64.8509216309
Redhook Bay - East End 18.3264540377 -64.8443555832
Secret Harbour Bay - Cowpet Bay 18.3179978645 -64.8531746864
Cowpet Bay - Cowpet Bay 18.3159353548 -64.8440605402
Jersey Bay - East End 18.3104328047 -64.8603093624
Benner Bay - East End 18.3172441599 -64.8676478859
Saint James Bay - Great Saint James Island 18.3088030981 -64.8322427273
Water Bay - Coki Point 18.3478734848 -64.8659580946

Sailing in the Caribbean doesn't get much better than what you'll experience in Red Hook and throughout the rest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, so if you have a chance to get out on these waters, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of the opportunity.  


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