Red Hook Transportation

The transportation options for arriving in and getting around Red Hook are plentiful

Part of Red Hook' East End, Red Hook is a coastal town known for its collection of red-tiled roofs, sleepy atmosphere, and view of the Pillsbury Sound. Although this is not the most tourist-driven destination on the island, it is popular amongst yachters and those who want to be within reach of all of Red Hook' attractions without staying right in the center of all the action.

Getting There

Although there is no airport or cruise ship dock located in Red Hook, the town's close location to Charlotte Amalie with has an airport and two cruise ship docks mean you won't have to come up with a backup plan with regards to getting to the town. Sailing a private yacht and taking a ferry from another island is also an option.

Getting Around

Red Hook, though not overly crowded by tourists is still busy enough that utilizing each regular form of transportation to get around the area is a possibility. Rental cars, taxis, and buses are all valuable transportation resources.

Air Travel

Red Hook is less than an hour drive away from Cyril E King Airport, the hub of air transportation in the Virgin Islands, both American and British. Due to the fact that Red Hook is the center of ferry transportation on St. Thomas, many tourist will simply pass through Red Hook without seeing what it has to offer. Whether you plan to fly into St. Thomas to stay in Red Hook, or to leave on a ferry as soon as you arrive, you can read our air travel guide on Red Hook here. In it, you will find information on the different airlines and routes that serve the area.


Red Hook may be known for ferries, but there are marinas and docks for private individuals and charters too. This makes Red Hook the prime spot on St. Thomas for all your maritime travel needs, be it ferrying over to St. John, or taking a boat to a secluded island for a day in the sand.

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Although cruise ships touring the East Caribbean will never dock directly in Red Hook, many tourists will arrive at the Havensight or Crown Bay Cruise Port in Charlotte Amalie aboard Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney, and Princess ships then head over to Red Hook to do some exploring. Taxis are always waiting at the cruise ports ready to pick up passenger and take them to the town for between $12 and $13(USD) per person.

Rental Cars

Tourists who will stay in Red Hook but plan to do a great deal of exploring throughout St. Thomas will find renting a car to be the most affordable option for them. Daily rates range from $80 to $150(USD) a day, and $400 to $800(USD) a week, and can be even less expensive if you visit during the off season. While St. Thomas has a varied selection of both local and international rental agencies on the island, Red Hook has only one known option, the Budget at Sapphire Beach Resort. If you arrive via ferry or yacht, this spot has a great location within walking distance of the dock.

You'll learn more about what it takes to rent a car in Red Hook, as well as pick up some tips on driving on the island here.


Although renting a car during your stay in Red Hook comes recommended, it is not entirely necessary. If your primary goal is to relax in a tropical environment, and spend your days in luxurious settings drinking and not caring about the hectic pace of life back home, you may not find sightseeing to be such an important part of your vacation. Others might not have the ability to rent a car, like those who are under the age of 25, and still others may simply feel more comfortable letting a driver experiences in getting around St. Thomas be in charge of getting you from place to place. For these people, the well-regulated taxi system in Red Hook and throughout the rest of the island is ideal.

If you are looking forward to doing some sightseeing, but feel it would be too expensive to take a cab to and from every site, consider hiring your driver for a one-time sightseeing tour. You can plan one for two hours and the driver will take you around the island, stopping at important places and speak on their significance for a rate of $45(USD) per person.

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Buses are not the ideal form of transportation anywhere in the Virgin Islands, U.S. or otherwise, but the buses on St. Thomas tend to be a bit more reliable than on some of the other islands. Buses run from St. Thomas to Red Hook beginning every morning at 5:15 a.m. They run hourly up until 8:00 p.m. and cost $1(USD) if you're heading to Red Hook, but $0.75(USD) into St. Thomas. Despite the fact that the bus follows the same route all day, it does stop to pick people up on the way even if they are not at designated bus stops, and this can put them behind schedule. If you've got someplace to be at a particular time, don't count on the bus to get you there, however, if you're just touring the area at a relaxed pace, this could be just the thing for you.


The Red Hook Ferry Terminal is generally used by locals and tourists who need to travel to the nearby island of St. John and bring a vehicle with them. Not one, but three car barges make their way to St. John on a regular basis from Red Hook. However, there is another ferry that makes a trip from the British Virgin Isand of Tortola called Native Son, Inc. This allows Red Hook to become a port of entry for tourists looking for a day trip on St. Thomas that is centered around the small town. Tourists who plan to travel from the British Virgin Islands to Red Hook should be aware that they will be required to present their passport in order to deboard.

From the time you leave your home headed out on your trip to Red Hook to the time you return, you'll encounter numerous choices regarding transportation. Consider the prices, the scheduling, the ease of travel, and the plan for the type of vacation you plan to have and you can't make a wrong decision.


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