Taxis in Rincón

Taxis are mostly used for getting to Rincon rather than getting around

Renting a car is not required in Rincón, since most tourists can walk wherever they need to go. This will mean that a taxi is necessary on occasion. Taxis in this town are available by simply placing a phone call, and tourists find the vehicles to be in decent condition, clean, and harboring friendly drivers.

Airport Shuttles

The most popular use of taxis for those staying in Rincón is the Airport Shuttle. Whether you fly in to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan and want to driver from there, or you get a little closer at either the Aguadilla or Eugenio Maria de Hostos Airport, you can hire a driver to take you to your accommodations when you arrive.

It takes between two and a half and three hours to get to Rincón from San Juan, and costs between $150 and $200(USD) for up to five passengers, and an additional $30 to $50(USD) per extra passenger. From Aguadilla, the trip is 45 minutes to an hour long and costs around $50(USD) flat for up to five passengers, and $10(USD) per extra person. Mayagüez is the closest airport at between 20 and 40 minutes away, and will cost around $40(USD) for up to five passengers, and $5 to $10(USD) for each extra person. If you have an extra large party, with more than 15 traveling together, you may be able to negotiate a lower per person price. pedestrian friendly...


Local Taxis

Upon arriving in Rincón, you'll notice that taxis are rarely available here. The best option is to call a local taxi cab service and have a driver pick you up and take you to a pre-arranged destination. This is because most of Rincón is so pedestrian friendly that many tourists opt to walk wherever they need to go, so taxis find it to be more profitable to wait until someone calls for their services.

Taxis range from white sedans to seven passenger vans, and you can even hire 50 passenger buses if you have a large group that needs to get around. Call the taxi services listed below for specific details.

If you happen to be stuck in a place where you are unable to spot a taxi, contact one of the phone numbers in the following table.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
AA Taxi Services (787) 823-0454 Puntas Carretera 43 - Rincón
Aguadilla Taxi (787) 318-9546 Rincon - Rincón
New Mayaguez Taxi Line (787) 833-1233 18 De Diego - Mayagüez
Yvette Gonzales Taxi (787) 408-7295 Rincón


In Rincón, all of the taxis come equipped with meters, but that doesn't mean that they are put to use. Most drivers prefer to negotiate a rate with their passengers that they both feel comfortable with, so feel free to hop in and let your driver know how much you are willing to spend.

If you do decide to keep the meter running, you'll spend $1.75 to start, and $0.10(USD) for each nintteenth of a mile traveled. There are also fees for storing luggage, making the driver wait while you run an errand, and if you have more than five passengers.

Wanting to know how much a taxi ride will set you back? Scan the following table.

Typical Fares Around Rincón
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 15.75 - $ 17.00 Rincón Aguada
$ 25.25 - $ 26.75 Rincón Mayagüez
$ 21.50 - $ 22.50 Rincón Eugenio Maria De Hostos Airport
$ 36.00 - $ 38.00 Rincón Rafael Hernandez Airport
$ 24.50 - $ 25.00 Downtown Aguadilla Punta Higuero Lighthouse

Although not so readily available as other towns in Puerto Rico, taxis are a possibility for tourists who prefer to avoid renting a car during their stay.


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