What's Near Villa Ensenada Inn

Quite a few guests decide to visit Puerto Rico because of the incredible beaches that the island is famous for. If you are a fan of the beach, Villa Ensenada Inn is just what you are looking for. This lodging is set on the water, so tourists can spend every day in the sun if they want.

Nearby Beaches

Of course, since Villa Ensenada Inn is positioned directly on Dogman's Beach, laying out in the sun is popular with guests staying at this property. For vacationers who are willing to venture off site, its not difficult to find another beach to experience. Click on the names below to read our detailed article:

Beaches Near Villa Ensenada
Beach Distance Direction Location
Pistons Beach 0.2 NW 2.0 mi. Northwest of Rincón
Maria's 0.4 NNW 9.2 mi. South West of Aguadilla
Pointe Beach 0.7 NNW 2.4 mi. Northwest of Rincón
Tres Palmas Beach 0.7 SE Rincón
Indicators 0.7 NNW 9.1 mi. South West of Aguadilla
Domes Beach 0.8 N 9.0 mi. South West of Aguadilla
Rincon Beach 0.8 SE Rincón
Steps Beach 0.8 SE Rincón
Trampa Beach 0.9 N 2.6 mi. North-Northwest of Rincón
Pool's Beach 1.0 N 2.6 mi. North-Northwest of Rincón
Sandy Beach 1.3 NE 8.1 mi. South West of Aguadilla
Playa Higuero 1.6 NE 7.8 mi. South West of Aguadilla
Municipal Beach 4.0 ENE 4.2 mi. Northeast of Rincón
Corcega Beach 4.4 SE 9.0 mi. Northwest of Mayagüez

The most convenient option is Pistons Beach.

Nearby Areas

Visiting a town or community neighboring your apartment building can add some depth to your vacation experience, whether it's about trying their underrated nightlife, or dining with locals at their authentic restaurants. Villa Ensenada Inn is found on the western part of the island of Puerto Rico; it's a mile and a half (three kilometers) to the northwest of Rincón.

The areas that are closest to Villa Ensenada Inn are listed in the table below:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Rincón 1.8 SE
Aguada 5.4 ENE
downtown Aguadilla 9.1 NE
Aguadilla 9.3 NE
Anasco 9.6 ESE
Moca 10.5 E
La Soledad 11.5 SE
Mayagüez 13.3 SE
downtown Mayaguez 13.5 SE

Nearby Attractions

Mayaguez Zoo

Visitors seeking thrilling outdoor activities while vacationing in Puerto Rico will find that Villa Ensenada Inn is in a fun location with plenty of nearby sights. Actually, there are a few attractions within a short distance of the apartment building, such as Tres Palmas Marine Reserve and Punta Higuero Lighthouse. Each of these are great for guests staying at Villa Ensenada Inn, but the nearest is Tres Palmas Marine Reserve.

Proving that this site has a great location, there are many more attractions nearby, like those listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Villa Ensenada
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Tres Palmas Marine Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 0.7 SSE Rincón
Punta Higuero Lighthouse Lighthouse 0.6 NNW 2.4 mi. Northwest of Rincón
Maritime Museum Museum 0.6 NNW 2.4 mi. Northwest of Rincón
Punta Algarrobo Park 10.7 SE 2.6 mi. Northwest of Mayagüez
Punta Boca Morena Park 12.0 SE Mayagüez
Mayaguez Memorial Historical Site 12.8 SE Mayagüez
Parque Del Litoral Park 12.9 SE Mayagüez
Point Borinquen Lighthouse Lighthouse 11.0 NE 3.6 mi. North of Aguadilla
Parque Suau Park 13.0 SE Mayagüez
Mayaguez Zoo Zoo 13.1 SE Mayagüez
Patriot's Park Park 13.3 SE Mayagüez
Plaza Colón Park 13.5 SE Downtown Mayaguez
Plaza José De Diego Park 13.6 SE Mayagüez
Parque Luis Munoz Rivera Park 13.9 SE Mayagüez
Desecheo National Wildlife Refuge Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 14.1 W 15.5 mi. West of Rincón

If you're on the lookout for an interesting place to visit, Punta Higuero Lighthouse could be a good option. Located in the popular surf town of Rincon, the Punta Higuero Lighthouse was originally built in 1892 and has since aided many a water craft navigate the dangerous waters off the coast of Puerto Rico. Although the lighthouse was damaged in an earthquake in 1918, it was quickly refurbished and stands tall to this day.

Nearby Accommodations

When choosing a place to stay, it's sometimes smart to learn more about nearby accommodations as a means to get a better feel for the region. Readers will be able to find no shortage of additional properties to look at before reaching a decision, as this part of Puerto Rico offers guests an impressive range of hotels and resorts to pick from. The table below lists all the hotel booking options you'll find in the vicinity.

Accommodations near Villa Ensenada
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Sole Beach Club Inn 0.3 N 2.1 mi. Northwest of Rincón, Puerto Rico
Blue Boy Inn 0.8 SE Rincón, Puerto Rico
Lazy Parrot Inn 0.8 NE 1.9 mi. North of Rincón, Puerto Rico
The English Rose -- -- 1.9 mi. North of Rincón, Puerto Rico
Casa Verde Hotel 1.2 NNE 2.6 mi. North of Rincón, Puerto Rico
Punta Taino Guest House 1.2 NNE 2.6 mi. North of Rincón, Puerto Rico
Tamboo Beside the Pointe Inn 1.4 NE 2.6 mi. North of Rincón, Puerto Rico
Casa Isleña Inn 1.5 NE 2.7 mi. North of Rincón, Puerto Rico
The Pineapple Inn Rincon -- -- Rincón, Puerto Rico
Parador Villa Antonio -- -- Rincón, Puerto Rico

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