Rio San Juan Rental Cars

Most of Rio San Juan's tourists rent a car as their main form of transportation

Rio San Juan is not necessarily a resort town that caters to tourists with plenty of public transportation.  Those who plan to do their share of exploring will find the most convenient method to be renting a car and investing in a good GPS system.

Renting a Car

The majority of the active town's tourists pick up their rental car at the airport when they arrive.  This is not only because it is easier to simply drive here from the airport, but also because rental options in Rio San Juan are limited.

In order to rent a car in the the Dominican Republic, you have to be over the age of 21, and most places will even require that the renter be over the age of 23.  In addition to the age restriction, tourists must present a driver's license from back home as well as their passport.  Although several types of vehicles will generally be available, renting a sports utility vehicle is recommended, despite the higher cost.  This is because of the often rugged terrain that drivers are faced with when they exit the highways. 

The Cost of Renting a Car

It is typical to spend $50 a day on a rental at the very least, but prices can go up to around $125(USD) depending on the size of the vehicle, whether or not you purchase optional insurance, where you rent from, and even the time of year you rent.  In addition to the daily price, you may also be required to place a deposit of up to $500(USD) on a credit card that will be refunded when you return the rental vehicle in good condition. 

Driving in Rio San Juan

Highway driving on the way to Rio San Juan is nothing to be concerned with.  The roads are paved, and although road signs and street lamps are infrequent, if you can keep up with speedy local drivers or keep your cool while they honk their horn at you, you'll do fine.  When you get off the highway, things can become questionable. 

Roads in town can sometimes be paved, but many are not and it can be a pretty bumpy ride getting from place to pace.  Meanwhile, street signs and speed limit postings are rare to come across –though if you do see the speed limit on a sign it is noted in kilometers per hour.  Always be sure to fill up the gas tank before you go out exploring in case you get lost or end up in an area of town that doesn't have a gas station nearby.

Since you might come across issues coming across gas stations, see the chart just below for an idea where some are located.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Isla Gas Rio San Juan Rio San Juan
Shell Rio San Juan Rio San Juan

As far as rules of the road are concerned, seat belts are required, drivers are prohibited from talking on their cell phones while the car is in motion, and traffic moves to the right side of the road. 

Driving in a foreign country can be nerve-wracking, but if you arrive prepared with the knowledge of what driving conditions you'll face, chances are you should have no trouble at all getting around. 


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