Snorkeling Around Rio San Juan

At this point in time, the sport of snorkeling is rustic and in its infancy in Rio San Juan when it comes to snorkeling.  Although surely people have been snorkeling here for years, it is not very highly publicized, nor are there very many tour guides in the area despite the often excellent conditions. 

Most of the snorkeling in Rio San Juan takes place at the Gri Gri Lagoon.   and kayaking often lead to guests hoping in with their gear and peaking underneath the surface to take in the rock formations and mangroves that dozens upon dozens of fish make their homes in.  

Otherwise, the beaches, with their soft sands and clear waters are calm and uncrowded, though there are often quick drop offs that make it a less than ideal area for younger snorkelers who may not be great swimmers.  

The number of snorkeling tour operators in the area is extremely limited, but they do exist, and you can also rent a snorkeling kit from a local dive shop for around $10(USD) and take to the beach on your own.

Snorkeling Services

If you're looking for someone that offers snorkeling gear, excursions or similar services, you might want to check with Gri Gri Divers. Snorkeling is central in their 5x1 Excursions. It includes snorkeling at Island Catalina in addition to sailing to several locations and lunch on Saona Island. They are located within the heart of Rio San Juan.

Take some time to look through the chart below for a listing of a firm that offers snorkeling related services.

Snorkeling Services In Rio San Juan
Name Type Phone Location Island
Gri Gri Divers Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service -- Central Rio San Juan Hispaniola

To learn more about snorkeling, including suggestions and helpful tips for beginners and "pros" check out our exhaustive Caribbean snorkeling page.

If the idea of a less crowded, relatively unexplored area of the country when it comes to snorkeling appeals to you, then Rio San Juan is just the place for your next underwater adventure. 


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