Riviera Maya Rental Cars

Be in charge of your own comings and goings by renting a car in the Riviera Maya

Renting a car for a visit to the Riviera Maya is a great option if you're planning to visit several different towns and cities and take in as many sites as possible. If you're headed to one particular destination, you can still make use of a private vehicle to get you around town on your own time.

Rental Cars

There are numerous locations to rent a car in the Riviera Maya, but here's a tip: take a bus or taxi to Playa Del Carmen for the best deals and customer service. On average, you'll save more money renting from a location in this town, and because it is a tourism mecca for visitors from the United States, it is easy to find an agent that speaks English. On top of all of this, most of the agencies here offer the best maps to their customers.

The most common experience, however, is for tourists to rent their car from the airport in Cancun, then drive themselves to the Riviera Maya, but you can take a bus to nearly every destination and find an agency within the vicinity to rent from.

As you begin to plan your rental, you'll want to consider the type of activities you'll be participating in during your stay. Drives through the jungle as you make your way to the various Mayan ruins and other attractions in the region may lead you to wanting to rent a sports utility vehicle that is better equipped to handle any rugged roadways you may encounter. If you plan to stick to main highways, you may be able to save a few bucks and rent an economy model vehicle.

Requirements for renting a car will vary by agency. Some places will have age restrictions and preferences on the type of driver's license you'll be required to have, while others will want to ensure you leave a large deposit. The best way to find out what your desired rental agency requests of you, you should call and talk to a representative.

View the following table which lists the many different area vehicle rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Akumal Guide Car Rentals (984) 875-9115 0.4 mi. (0.6 km) Southeast of Akumal
Avis Tulum (984) 120-3972 Av Coba Sur No 22, Local No 11 - Tulum
Budget Playa del Carmen (52) (33) 36130027 Downtown Playa del Carmen
Easy Way Playa del Carmen (984) 803-3665 Tenth Avenue North - Downtown Playa del Carmen
Easy Way Tulum (984) 802-5570 Coba Sur Avenue - Tulum
Europcar Car Rental (984) 875-5000 Tulum
Europcar Playa del Carmen (984) 873-2820 Eighth Street - Downtown Playa del Carmen
Europcar Rental Blue Five (998) 415-7922 ext. 9 Predonado Limonar - Downtown Playa del Carmen
Executive Cars Playa del Carmen (984) 873-2354 Downtown Playa del Carmen
Executive Cars Tulum (984) 802-5371 Cancun Federal Highway - 1.8 mi. (2.9 km) East of Tulum
Hertz Mayan Palace (800) 405-7000 Grand Mayan Riviera Maya - 7.5 mi. (12.0 km) South West of Puerto Morelos
Hertz Plaza Paraiso (999) 911-8040 Avenida 15 - Playa del Carmen
Hertz Quinta Avenida (999) 911-8040 Quinta Avenida - Playa del Carmen
Hertz Tulum (800) 709-5000 Tulum
Holiday Car Rental -- Downtown Playa del Carmen
Thrifty Playa del Carmen (984) 873-0119 Calle 8 North - Downtown Playa del Carmen

When it comes time to pay for your rental, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the personal liability insurance. There have been reports of visitors getting into car accidents and being found responsible by the police and required to pay for damages on the spot. Your personal insurance or credit cards will rarely be accepted, but local insurance will be honored and is a great way to protect yourself.

Rental Cars

The average cost of a car rental in Riviera Maya ranges from $20 to $150(USD), which is a rather large range. This is because there are so many factors that go into creating your price from the type of vehicle you rent to the place you rent with. You can save money by booking your rental in a package deal that includes airfare and your hotel, or visit during the low season.


Driving through the Riviera Maya is actually incredibly easy thanks to the one main road that snakes its way down the coast. Federal Road 307 is flat, paved, well-marked, and well-maintained by local officials. The road runs through the region for 236 miles and takes about four and a half miles to get from one end of the Riviera Maya to the other.

Mexico is known for its crazy drivers, but this is something you could experience anywhere you visit. Most important is for you to worry about driving as near to the posted speed limit as possible (local police officers are said to target rental cars), and drive as safely as possible without worrying about how other cars are driving. Roads can become congested, especially near resorts, but again, as long as you are aware of your surroundings and on alert, you should be able to make it to your destination unscathed. The busiest intersections tend to be in Playa Del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, and Puerto Morelos, so this is where you'll want to remain especially focused.

It will seem like you pass gas stations often, but gas is not as plentiful as it seems. Not every station will have gas available at all times. For this reason, it is recommended that any time you approach half a tank you fill up at the next station you see that is open.

Since you could potentially encounter difficulties coming across places to refuel, see the chart below to get a picture of where some are located.

Gas Stations
Name Location
PEMEX Tulum Tulum
Pemex Gas Station 0.8 mi. (1.3 km) West of Playa del Carmen
Pemex Tulum-Cancun 1.6 mi. (2.5 km) East of Tulum
Pemex Xpu-Ha Xpu Ha

There is a lot to consider as you plan your Riviera Maya getaway, including how you'll get around. For many people, renting a car is always going to be their top choice, while others may be convinced to avoid doing so after reading all the information that has been laid out for them above. Take your personal preferences along with your budget in mind as you make the decision for yourself.


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