Taxis in Riviera Maya

Taxis are easy to find and in fact recommended in the Riviera Maya

There are a few options available to tourists who feel that renting a car simply is not for them. One quite suitable mode of transportation in Riviera Maya is to take a taxi. Much of this area is big on tourism, so taxis are plentiful, meaning there is hardly a time when you'll be left without a ride to get you where you need to go.


The general consensus is that taxis are plentiful throughout the Riviera Maya, but depending on where exactly you are in the region, you may have a slightly different experience. In places like Playa Del Carmen, and Puerto Morelos you can walk everywhere with no problem, so tourists will forgo renting a car and end up hailing taxis whenever they don't want to walk or are carrying a lot of bags – which ends up being often for many people. In Akumal and Tulum, taxis serve as the most popular form of transportation for tourists from the start. Other places in the area such as Xpu Ha and Xcalak are known for having a shortage of taxis, making it recommendable for tourists to call ahead and have a taxi pick them up rather than go out and try and find a ride on the street.

When you are in an area where taxis are easy to come by, you'll find them most especially in the popular tourist-visited areas such as beaches, shopping centers, clusters of restaurants, and resorts. You'll recognize them because they are white hatchbacks with a colored stripe along the side and a four-digit number printed on the side. Keep this number handy because if you misplace a personal belonging or want to praise your driver to the company, you can call and give the car number as a reference. Again, if you are unable to find a cab, simply call and one will be sent to pick you up from wherever you are.

Check out the following chart to help you call local taxis if you are needing transportation.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Akumal Transfer (984) 875-9031 Akumal
Akumal Transfers (984) 132-9958 Akumal

Drivers in the Riviera Maya mainly speak Spanish. Though you may come across a driver who knows English or another language on occasion, arrive prepared to write down the name of your destination on a piece of paper so you can be sure your driver understands where you want to go.

Taxi Fare

Although once you would have to negotiate the price of a taxi ride with your driver, now the rates throughout the Riviera Maya have all been set in advance by the local taxi unions. Based on where you are traveling from and where you are going, you can estimate the cost by looking at a sheet of prices. These can be found at the front desk of most hotels, at taxi stands, and of course within the taxis themselves. Even if you think you know the cost, make sure to confirm with your driver so you aren't caught off guard if they think you need to pay a different price.

Drivers are known for offering tours of the entire Riviera Maya for about 3500 pesos, or $350(USD). This is an all day affair, and you and three passengers enjoy a private drive up and down the coast, so many tourists feel it is worth the expense. If you'd like a smaller version of this tour, you can generally hire your driver by the hour for about 250 pesos, or $23(USD).

The going rate for a tip in the area is 10 pesos, which is about $0.90(USD). The amount you spend on a tip is, however, entirely up to you.

Whether you want to take a taxi once in a while, or plan to use to service exclusively, cabs in the Riviera Maya are a great option. Easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and known for their friendly service, choosing to make taxis your main mode of transportation is not a decision that is hard to make.


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