Road Town Accomodation Options

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Capital of the British Virgin Islands and the closest "city" to the main airport in the chain, Road Town is a hopping destination with visitors from around the world. The best thing about this destination is the diversity. Here, you'll find everything from camp grounds to inns, and of course there is a nice collection of hotels to select amongst as well.


Prospect Reef Resort

There are multiple types of hotels to choose between in the area, including quite a few hotels and one resort. For guests planning on wining-and-dining quite a bit, you'll be able to find at least a pair of hotels that provide outstanding dining on-site. Read additional details about each of the properties by clicking on them.

A popular vacation spot for on-site recreation is Prospect Reef Resort. All the island's a party - and the festive feel of the rooms at Prospect Reef Resort are no exception. Spacious rooms offer space to roam about, while the private patios and balconies give visitors room to breath. If you're looking to call ahead, do so at (284) 494-3773.

If you are someone who wants plenty of convenient dining close to your accommodation, Mooring-Mariner Inn is one spot you won't want to overlook. Guestrooms at the Mariner Inn are cozy and relaxing. All rooms have balconies and either garden, mariner, or ocean view. If you want to call before making reservations, do so at (284) 393-2188.

Fort Burt Hotel is another place to consider. Originally built by the Dutch in the 17th century, this massively important structure has been reconstructed and refurbished a great deal over the centuries. During the latest attempt in preservation, they also took on a quaint cottage nearby, where guests enjoy luxury accommodations in a historic setting. If you're looking for something specific, try calling them at (284) 494-2587.

Road Town is home to a nice selection of choices too. If you want to find more details concerning hotels within the area by going to this page.

Condos and Villa Complexes

Guana Island

If you're not in the market for a standard hotel, you might think about looking beyond this area and staying in a nearby villa or condo.

Guana Island is one accommodation of this type located on Guana Island, 4.8 mi. Northeast of central Road Town. One of the few remaining privately owened islands in its part of world Guana is 850 acres of undisturbed natural beauty. Seven pristine white powder-sand beaches and miles of tropical forest, mountains, hills, and valleys. Try calling them at (212) 482-6247.

Another property worth considering will be Surfsong Villa Resort. The resort features a selection of villas to fit each and every vacation style, though each offers air conditioning, satellite television, wireless internet, a dedicated phone line, and resort robes. The Treehouse Studio is one bedroom, one bath and is placed hillside, providing a beautiful hideaway for two. If you are looking for something specific and want to call before booking a room, you can do so at (284) 495-1864.

Road Town has quite a few other choices too. You can read this page regarding these types of accommodations within reach of this area if you'd like to find out additional details.

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Camping and Eco-Tourism

Vie's Hansen Bay Campground

Nature enthusiasts will want to consider the selection of eco-tourist options made possible just outside of Road Town.

Cooper Island Beach Club is one property located on Cooper Island, 7.3 mi. East-Southeast of central Road Town. Beachfront guest cottages feature stylish interiors in driftwood tones and recycled teak. Indulge in the spacious coral-stone showers and luxurious four-poster beds. If you would like to call ahead, do so at (284) 495-9084.

Fortunately, you can find additional eco-tourism choices. For more information about this specific topic, read this article.

Individual Villas

Certain people prefer the luxury offered by one of the privately rented villas. For a more comprehensive look at this topic, go to this article concerning the individual villa rentals near Road Town.

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Despite the fact that only nearby properties offer all-in-one pricing, some people still prefer the convenience of paying for everything on a single bill. There are several explanations for their appeal. As an example, they sidestep the need to figure out what everything is going to cost. The two accommodations just below are the only all-inclusive properties available nearby.

Avid tennis players often like the idea of staying at Guana Island, as they offer some nice tennis facilities. The Villas are named: Sea View Cottages, Sea View Pool Cottages, North Beach Villa, Harbour House Villa, Angegda House Villa, Jost House Villa For customers who want to call before you go, do so at (212) 482-6247.

A property along the coast that merits your consideration is Sandcastle Hotel. Sandcastle Hotel is a small, intimate, laid-back resort. The property has two beachfront cottages, two garden cottages, and two air-conditioned rooms along with a restaurant and a world-famous beach bar. Try calling them at (284) 495-9888.

All-inclusive lodgings offer food and other amenities for one flat price; however, other inclusions may vary. To avoid an unpleasant surprise, do a little research to learn exactly what's included in the price you've been quoted.


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