Beaches in Road Town

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If there is a cruise ship docked on Tortola, you can bet the beaches of Road Town are going to be overrun by cruisers looking to experience the one-of-a-kind beaches of this town.  Cane Garden Bay, a ten minute drive across the island, is actually often hardest hit, but those who prefer to stay close to the cruise ship will find local beaches to be equally as pleasurable. 

The Area's Beaches

There are a large selection of beaches to consider visiting, although all of them are found just outside of Road Town. Snorkeling is available at several locations, for those who enjoy the underwater scene. To get full details one particular beach click on the names of the ones you want to learn about.

Rogues Bay: Rogues Bay has patches of velvet white sand between rock formations that taper off into the water. It has an air of seclusion.

A second place to consider is Cooten Bay. Cooten Bay is ideal for surfing, as it provides exciting waves and is fairly unpopular. Located between Josiah's and Carot Bay, the area is surrounded by exciting hills and thick, green vegetation.

Lormer Bay: Lormer Bay is situated in between Shark and Cooper Bay on the northern coast of the island. The island's steep green hills provide the backdrop, while a small strip of sand offer an area to rest.

The beaches nearby are provided here:

Beaches Near Road Town
Name Location Coast
Brandy Wine Bay Newport, 2.0 mi. East of Central Road Town East
Cooten Bay 2.1 mi. Northeast of Central Road Town North East
Josiah's Bay 2.5 mi. Northeast of Central Road Town North East
Lormer Bay 2.0 mi. North-Northwest of Central Road Town North
Nanny Cay Nanny Cay, 2.1 mi. South West of Central Road Town South
Rogues Bay Wesley Will, 2.1 mi. North-Northeast of Central Road Town North East
Tiny Trunk Bay 1.9 mi. North of Central Road Town North East

Of course, you'll find a nice selection of kinds attractions available. You can read this page regarding even more attractions if you'd like to learn more specifics.


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