Restaurants in the Area Around Mooring-Mariner Inn

1 | Nicoles Beach Bar

This bar is a short distance away west-northwest of Mooring-Mariner Inn.

3 | Guns & Chicken's Hot Shot Bar

Mooring-Mariner Inn is a short distance away east-southeast of this bar.

4 | Verandah Restaurant

Verandah Restaurant at Treasure Isle Resort has created an innovated menu that invites you to be adventurous and try something they may no have thought to try before -- you are on vacation, after all!

Visitors will be able to find this restaurant within Treasure Isle Hotel, within walking distance from Mooring-Mariner Inn.

5 | Happy Lion Restaurant

This restaurant can be found toward the center of Road Town, and is only 0.5 miles (0.8 km) from Mooring-Mariner Inn.

13 | Captain Mulligans

Captain Mulligan's claim to fame is that it is the only water-based golf driving range on Tortola, but it is also a family-friend spot to enjoy dinner.

Travel 2.2 miles (3.5 km) south west from Mooring-Mariner Inn to find this bar and grill, which is located in the marina.

2 | The Village Cafe and Restaurant

Located on the property of Virgin Gorda Village, the Village Cafe and Restaurant not only offers excellent food and friendly service, but free wireless Internet excess, a novelty that many tourists clamor over.

Make your way west for a short distance away from Mooring-Mariner Inn to get to this café, which is located in the marina.

6 | Virgin Queen

Virgin Queen is a restaurant and pub. Sailors and rugby enthusiasts are often found at this joint, sipping on a brew, gobbling up a pizza, and playing pool or darts.

Vacationers will be able to find this pub in downtown Road Town, just 0.5 miles (0.7 km) west-southwest of Mooring-Mariner Inn.

7 | Castaways

Virgin Queen is located a short distance north-northwest of this bar.

8 | Simply Delicious

Visitors will find this restaurant near the middle of downtown Road Town, a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer) from Castaways.

9 | Village Cay Restaurant

Village Cay Restaurant is an open air restaurant at Village Cay Restaurant and Marina. Here, guests will enjoy a selection of American cuisine while looking out over the marina.

This bar and grill can be found in the marina, and is a short distance from Simply Delicious.

10 | Dockside Bar & Grille

Dockside Bar & Grill is a popular spot amongst locals and Village Cay guests alike. Happy Hour is always fun, with Caribbean beers and tropical mixes flowing freely and burgers on the grill.

This bar and grill is located within walking distance from Village Cay Restaurant, and is on the premises of Village Cay Resort & Marina.

11 | D' Best Cup

If you are coming from Dockside Bar & Grille, go a short distance to the south-southeast to locate this coffee / tea cafe.

12 | Marias Restaurant

This restaurant is located a couple hundred yards (a few hundred meters) from D' Best Cup, and is within Maria Hotel by the Sea.

The interactive map displays 13 nearby eateries and bars tourists can find within a short distance away of Mooring-Mariner Inn. A good portion of these are within downtown Road Town, which guests will find close to these accommodations. For additional info about the options available in the vicinity, or to get a broader view of the region, interact with the map by using your mouse. Pin numbers shown on the map above match up with those found in the list of restaurants that follows.

Restaurants Near Mooring-Mariner Inn
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Hotel
1 Bar Nicoles Beach Bar 2.4 mi. (3.9 km)
2 Caribbean, Seafood The Village Cafe and Restaurant 1.0 mi. (1.5 km)
3 Bar Guns & Chicken's Hot Shot Bar 0.7 mi. (1.2 km)
4 Caribbean, Seafood Verandah Restaurant 0.2 mi. (0.4 km)
5 Restaurant Happy Lion Restaurant 0.5 mi. (0.8 km)
6 Caribbean, Eclectic, English, Pizza Virgin Queen 0.5 mi. (0.7 km)
7 Bar Castaways 0.6 mi. (0.9 km)
8 Restaurant Simply Delicious 0.4 mi. (0.7 km)
9 International, Seafood Village Cay Restaurant 0.3 mi. (0.5 km)
10 American, Seafood Dockside Bar & Grille 0.3 mi. (0.5 km)
11 Coffee / Tea Cafe D' Best Cup 0.3 mi. (0.6 km)
12 International Marias Restaurant 0.4 mi. (0.7 km)
13 American, Hamburgers, Salads, Sandwiches Captain Mulligans 2.2 mi. (3.5 km)


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