Natural Attractions in Road Town

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As one of the busier towns in the British Virgin Islands, Road Town is a better destination for those interested in history and culture.  It may be hard to see at first glance, but natural attractions abound her as well, through a series of parks that speckle the landscape.  If you're willing to drive just outside of Road Town, you'll have better luck finding hiking trails, nature reserves, and unique land formations. 

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Mount Healthy National Park

Do you want to spend time outside? There are a variety of different hiking trails and some nature preserves near Road Town.

Mount Healthy National Park is a great nature preserve situated 2.3 mi. Northwest of central Road Town. Guests to the park will be able to explore the sugar mill, and the area directly around it. While it is not as natural or as forested as some of the British Virgin Islands' other National Parks, it is still a nice escape from the urban areas of the island.

Travelers wanting to locate a another great natural attraction will enjoy exploring places like Sage Mountain National Park. Improved consistently since its conception in 1964, Sage Mountain National Park now offers twelve trails winding through the area, regularly maintained forest sections, and as the centerpiece, Sage Mountain, the highest point in both the British and US Virgin Islands.

Dead Chest National Park: Uninhabited by humans, Dead Chest Island is a popular spot for snorkelers and novice divers because of the calm waters. The corals that lie beneath appear to resemble a garden, and Dead Chest West is known for its mazes of coral.

Glance through the chart below for more information about nature preserves and hiking spots.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Road Town
Name Type Location Island
Cam Bay National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 6.8 mi. Northeast of Central Road Town Great Camanoe
Dead Chest National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve Dead Chest Island, 5.2 mi. Southeast of Central Road Town Dead Chest Island
East End Hiking Trails Hiking Trail None, 6.6 mi. South West of Central Road Town None
Mount Healthy National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.3 mi. Northwest of Central Road Town Tortola
Rhone Marine Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 5.9 mi. Southeast of Central Road Town None
Sage Mountain National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 3.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central Road Town Tortola

Waterfalls and Caves

Treasure Point Caves

Although most vacationers are drawn by the beaches, those aren't the only way to enjoy the natural wonders available. Areas near Road Town some great options, including a waterfall and a cave.

You might want to visit Treasure Point Caves, which is located on Norman Island, 7.3 mi. South of central Road Town. Legend tells that a Creque family fisherman once found a chest of gold doubloons in a cave off Norman Island as he sought shelter from a storm. Though all the treasure appears to be gone, now Treasure Point Caves are a popular spot for snorkeling.

A second option is Petroglyph Pool Waterfall. It is located 10.4 mi. South West of central Road Town. Although the waterfall is attractions enough, it is historic petroglyphs here that really draw tourists to this spot. At the base along the walls and just above the waterline, you will find carvings made by the Taino Natives etched into the rock wall.

The chart directly below provides you with more details concerning waterfalls and caves.

Waterfalls and Caves Near Road Town
Name Type Location Island
Petroglyph Pool Waterfall Waterfall 10.4 mi. South West of Central Road Town St. John
Treasure Point Caves Cave 7.3 mi. South of Central Road Town Norman Island

Parks and Botanical Gardens

J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens

Guests can enjoy one of the many parks, as well as a botanical garden in Road Town.

To surround yourself with beautiful tropical vegetation, you might want to visit J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens, which is located in Road Town. Guests who tour the J.R. O'Neal Botanical Gardens get a chance to view a few different natural environments that exist throughout the islands.

The parks and gardens worth considering can be seen here:

Parks and Gardens In Road Town
Name Type Location
Festival Grounds Park 0.2 mi. North-Northwest of Downtown Road Town
J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens Botanical Garden 0.5 mi. Northwest of Downtown Road Town
Noel Lloyd (P.A.M.) Park Park Downtown Road Town
Old Recreation Ground Park 0.4 mi. West-Northwest of Downtown Road Town
Parkfields Recreation Grounds Park 0.3 mi. Northwest of Downtown Road Town

Land Formations

Another fun idea is to go see some of the more interesting naturally occurring land formations. Fully natural attractions like these in Road Town are shown right below.

Land Formations In Road Town
Name Type Location
Boughers Bay Bay 0.7 mi. East of Downtown Road Town
Fish Bay Bay 1.2 mi. East-Southeast of Downtown Road Town
Road Harbour Harbour 0.8 mi. Southeast of Downtown Road Town
Sea Cow Bay Bay 1.6 mi. South West of Downtown Road Town

If you want to learn about a wider variety of points of interest beyond this category, you might want to expand your planning horizon. To visit our page about other attractions, click here.


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