What's Located Around Northside Inn

Lots of guests have decided to vacation on Eleuthera in anticipation of seeing the breath-taking beaches that the Caribbean is so well known for.

Fortunately, this property is located directly on the water, so you won't need to travel far to enjoy the pleasant coast.

Nearby Beaches

Needless to say, since Northside Inn is located directly on Northside Beach, laying out in the sun is popular with guests staying at this property. While not exactly on the northern portion of the island, Northside Beach does not dissapoint those looking for an easily accesible beach that also offers an escape from the crowds. Located centrally on the island, it is an option for anyone searching for the beach that calls to them. For those who want to venture farther away, its not difficult to find another beach to experience. Click on the following names to see more details:

Beaches Near Northside Inn
Beach Distance Direction Location
White Road Beach 1.0 N 1.6 mi. Northeast of Rock Sound
Whiteland Beach 2.6 S 2.6 mi. South-Southeast of Rock Sound
Turtle Beach 3.9 N 4.0 mi. North of Rock Sound

One of the most convenient options is White Road Beach. Beautifully hidden, White Road Beach is a picturesque cove that stretches further than you could see. With the sea on one side and a lagoon on the other, White Road Beach offers an eclectic mix of waters and experiences.

Nearby Areas

Guests who are interested in finding out more about what's nearby might want to know how many miles the neighboring city or town is from the property. Northside Inn can be found just outside the heart of the island of Eleuthera, 8.6 miles northeast of Green Castle; it is 1.4 miles to the east of Rock Sound.

The table below lists some of the areas near Northside Inn.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Rock Sound 1.4 W
Tarpum Bay 7.1 NNW
Green Castle 8.6 SW
Waterford 10.9 SW
Wemyss Bight 11.2 SSW
John Millars 12.8 S
Millars 13.9 S
Savannah Sound 14.3 N
Bannerman Town 15.4 S
South Palmetto Point 18.9 N

Nearby Attractions

Considering the Bahamas is a favorite vacation destination, you'll find attractions that suit your personality in the area. There are even a few attractions located very close by the cottages, including Rock Sound cave and ocean hole and Tarpum Bay Castle. Each of these are great for guests at Northside Inn, but the easiest to reach is Rock Sound cave and ocean hole.

For more, check out the nearby attractions below:

Attractions Near Northside Inn
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Rock Sound cave and ocean hole Cave 1.9 SW 1.3 mi. South of Rock Sound
Tarpum Bay Castle Historical Site 7.0 NNW Tarpum Bay
Bannerman Lighthouse Lighthouse 18.2 S 18.0 mi. South of Rock Sound
Big Tree at Palmetto Point Historical Site 20.1 N North Palmentton Point
Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 22.0 N 2.0 mi. East of Governors Harbour
Globe Princess Theater Movie Theater 22.8 N Governors Harbour
NAVFAC Base Historical Site 28.8 NNW 6.4 mi. Northwest of Governors Harbour

If you're searching for somewhere a little different to visit, Big Tree at Palmetto Point might be just right for you. Often a point of reference when locals give out directions, Big Tree at Palmetto Point is not only tall stretching 25 feet into the air, but as big around as a small shack.


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