Sailing and Boating Near Rock Sound

Not everyone will have an easy time sailing to Rock Sound

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Surprisingly, Eleuthera is one of the few islands in the Bahamas that is not recommended to yachters, and especially not to novice sailors. The tides are rough, the waters are shallow, and hard-to-navigate reefs surround the island.

If you simply must get out on the water around Rock Sound, consider letting a local with experience do the job. You can hire someone for a simple sailing trip or even for a fishing, snorkeling, or diving adventure. There are so many possibilities, why risk the hazards of sailing yourself?

If you want to experience some time on the open water, without the cost and complications associated with renting a boat you can take an excursion. See the listing that follows for contact information for area boating excursions.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location Island
Eleuthera Tours Boating (242) 225-4408 Cape Eleuthera Marina - 11.9 mi. (19.2 km) West of Rock Sound Eleuthera


Not everyone heeds the warning about the rough waters; however, since the marina local to Rock Sound, Cape Eleuthera Marina, is extremely popular. Not only can yachters step off their boat and enjoy a stay at the hotel here, but features of the property include a restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop, a business center with meeting rooms, event space, and everything you need to care for your boat.

Planning to reach Rock Sound using your own vessel, or one you charter in a different location? Check out the chart below to find information on area marinas.

Name Phone Location
Cape Eleuthera Marina -- Cape Eleuthera Resort & Marina - 11.6 mi. (18.7 km) West of Rock Sound
Davis Harbour Marina 334-6303 Rock Sound

If you'll be sailing to Rock Sound, make sure to fly your yellow quarantine flag as you approach the area and put into a call to Harbour Control over VHF Radio 16 to let them know you are on your way, and a customs official will meet you at the dock when you arrive. He or she will go over the inspection process with you, checking out the ships official paperwork as well as its stores, and have everyone on board fill out immigration paperwork. After you've gained clearance, but before you allowed to freely sail about the island, you will need to pay for your cruising and fishing permit as well as your departure fee. The price varies depending upon the size of your boat, and how many people are aboard, but you're looking at spending between $150 and $300(USD).

Proceed with caution when you decide to plan a sailing trip to or around Rock Sound. There are many issues to take into consideration and you need to be sure you can handle the rough conditions. With that in mind, if you do decide to sail to Rock Sound, make sure to follow all proper procedure and legally speaking, everything should go without a hitch.


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