Transportation Options for Rock Sound

Vacation like the wealthy when you travel to Rock Sound

Located in southern Eleuthera, Rock Sound is one of the larger settlements on the long, skinny island. Known for its colonial-style homes, colorful gardens, and numerous fishing boats tied up along the coast when they aren't out on the prowl for a fresh catch. Rock Sound was once a popular stop for the rich and famous, but the closure of the Windermere Club slowed the arrival of wealthy tourists. The area remains welcoming to all who would like to visit, though only a handful of transportation options exist for guests to choose from.

Getting There

Unfavorable sailing conditions make flying the preferred source of transportation to Rock Sound. With three airports on the island, there is certainly plenty of opportunity to travel by air, but, the island has still made great pains to ensure that those who do sail in are as comfortable as possible.

Getting Around

Public transportation is not available in Rock Sound, so if you haven't made arrangements with your resort or rental property owner to get a ride from the airport or the docks, you'll want to rent a car to get around. If you have dreams of traveling to several islands in the Bahamas during your trip, ferries are a great way to do so.

Air Travel

One of three airports on Eleuthera is located in Rock Sound, a lucky discovery for anyone choosing to stay on this area of the island. Rock Sound International Airport (RSD) remains a small facility and at this time only lands local airlines that fly in from the international airport on New Providence Island. If you'd like to avoid domestic air crafts, you can choose to fly to Governor's Harbour Airport which welcomes flights with international carrier United several times a week. From there, you'll have about a 50 minute drive to Rock Sound. You can find out more about each of your options by reading up on flying to Rock Sound.


...waters are shallow...


Sailing to Rock Sound is something that even the most professional sailors should consider with caution. The conditions are not to be taken lightly, with rough, low waters, and hidden reefs posing a threat at every turn. If you do decide sailing to this destination is worth the risk, click here for information about getting into port as carefully as you can.

Rental Cars

Rental car agencies in Rock Sound are locally-owned and operated, and are so laid back that contracts are rare. A simple exchange of cash for keys is generally all it takes to get behind the wheel – that and a driver's license of course. Give yourself a little time to get used to the driving differences between this and your home town, for example, traffic moves on the left side of the road, and there is only one main road that snakes from one end of the island to the next. Learn more about both renting and driving a car in Rock Sound when you click here.


Ferries are a way of life in the Bahamas, and there are three different ways to get around the Bahamas from Eleuthera via ferry, though only one sails very near Rock Sound. A government-run Mail Boat sails to the South Eleuthera dock on Monday from Potter's Cay in Nassau on New Providence Island. The trip takes five hours and costs $30(USD) per person. You can read more about the other ferry services that reach Eleuthera by reading this Guide to Eleuthera ferries.

As you begin planning your vacation in Rock Sound, be sure to take the time to go over all of the options available to you with regards to transportation. The more you know about each choice, the better prepared you will be to make final decisions when the time comes.


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