Vegetarian Cuisine in Rodney Bay

If you're a big fan of vegetarian food, you might have a chance to indulge yourself. You may be a bit limited in your options, but there are a few locations on St. Lucia within this category.

With lots to try, from the informal locale of Barnacles to the tempting lunch service at Felly Belly, you might come across a dish with all the right flavors.

Below, you can scan and read details about the small collection of vegetarian restaurants that you'll have the chance to visit during your vacation. For each restaurant, you can click its name to see the full article about its dress code, food, or even nearby attractions.

Hi-Tide Restaurant

Rodney Bay | (877) 312-4153

Hi-Tide Restaurant

Located along the northwestern outskirts of Rodney Bay, Hi-Tide Restaurant is located at Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, and is a smart choice worth considering if you are going to be spending time seeing this town and its environs. Pleasantly surprising, this dining destination is not just vegetarian food and seafood, but they're also fawned-over for another favorite, steak.

With their Farm-to-Table menu, all ingredients are fresh and grown locally in the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. Local and seafood dishes such as the fried coconut shrimp. creamy clam chowder, Angus steak, and rack of lamb are a few very popular items.

SeaGapes Beach Bar & Restaurant

Rodney Bay | (877) 312-4153

SeaGapes Beach Bar & Restaurant, on the premises of Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa, is located in the northwestern outskirts of Rodney Bay, in the vicinity of Gros Islet. Lovely, mild seafood and vegetarian fare play nicely together at this dining option.

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The restaurant sports a "barefoot on the beach" vibe, creating a very relaxing and easy going atmosphere for guests. The tables and walls are colored in vibrant blues accompanied by natural and rustic sea decor, creating a very open and inviting setting for all ocean lovers. The restaurant also has amazing views of Pigeon Island, a national landmark of St. Lucia.

Felly Belly

Muirton | (758) 452-3359

Felly Belly, part of JQ Charles Mall, is situated in Muirton, along the western outskirts of Rodney Bay. Not only do they have festive fare including vegetarian goodies, which yes, includes sandwiches, but they're also masters of smoothies.

Felly Belly's smoothies are all natural and packed with tons of fruits and vegetables, as well as yogurt and the supplement of your choice. Also on the menu are juices, espresso, cappuccino, and tea. Coming soon is a larger menu of soups and salads.


Pigeon Island | (758) 286-6944

Located 1.1 miles northwest of Gros Islet, Barnacles is on the same premises as Pigeon Island National Landmark, and is a logical selection for guests thinking about spending some time visiting this part of the island. It's 1.9 miles northwest of Rodney Bay. While more generally known for vegetarian cuisine, this possible dining pick is known for its appetizers and fish and chips.

Offering fresh seafood, such as curried crab, octopus, and lobster, guests can enjoy the fruits of the sea while seated with a great ocean view. Gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options are offered as well.

Guests often find that the best places to dine on St. Lucia are those you didn't expect to find yourself craving while trekking the town of your choice. Then again, you'll save yourself some stress if you plan on visiting specific venues. To learn more about the kinds of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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