Taxis in Rose Hall

Ride around Rose Hall with a local driver leading the way

Taxis are the recommended form of transportation for tourists staying in Jamaica, and Rose Hall's location just 10 minutes outside of Montego Bay means you can even get from the airport to the little town inexpensively.

Taxi Companies

Charter versus Route Taxis

Jamaica is known for two types of taxi services, though one is preferred over the other in Rose Hall: the charter taxi. Charter taxis are private, picking up one person or group at a time and taking them where they want to go for one set rate. Most visitors first encounter them at the airport where they will transfer you to your accommodations, but they can also be hired to take you to and from any attraction you have the intention of visiting.

Route taxis, on the other hand, stick to one area of a town, driving along a specific route and pick up anyone who needs a ride on their route until the vehicle is full. Fares are charged per person, and many relate these to a smaller bus system. Route buses do exist in Rose Hall, but there are only a few thanks to the area's small size.

Both types of taxis are licensed and insured per government order, a fact you'll know by checking the license plates for the letters “PP” or “PPV.” If someone offers you a ride without the letters on their license plates, they are illegal drivers and should be avoided. In addition, you'll be able to tell a charter taxi from a route taxi by the color of the plates. Charters have red plates and route taxis have white plates.

Hiring a Taxi

It is possible to simply hail a taxi out on the street as you might do in a busy city back home, or you can head to the taxi stand nearest the attraction you are visiting. In Rose Hall, you'll find taxis driving around the resorts and beaches more than anywhere else. If you don't see one as you are out and about, you can always call a particular taxi company to come pick you up. Calling in advance to schedule pick up times is an option as well, especially if you need a ride from the airport to your resort.

If you happen to be somewhere where you are unable to hail a taxi, contact one of the services found below.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
JCAL Tours (876) 952-7574 Claude Clarke Avenue - Montego Bay
Travel Around Jamaica Tours (876) 287-2180 82 Tryall Gardens, Hopewell - Montego Bay

...need a ride from the airport...


You can also call a particular comapny to schedule a tour of the island. Most taxi drivers are also certified tour guides, and have a complete rate chart listing different tours that they offer. Many times these tours include drinks, lunch, and entrance fees to attractions in the price. If you meet a driver you like, ask if he is JUTA certified. If so, he may be willing to pick you up at a later time to show you around Rose Hall and other major areas of Jamaica.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

You'll never be surprised by the price of your ride in Rose Hall because rates are set in advance instead of metered. The prices of route taxis are set by the government, while charter taxis companies put out their own list of fees. Always be sure to confirm the price with your driver before you take off, though, just to make sure you are both on the same page. Also, be aware that while charter taxis most often accept U.S. Dollars, route taxis will only take Jamaican Dollars.

You are not required to tip your driver, but it is a common practice on the island, and most drivers rely on tips as a large part of their income. A tip of between $5 and $10(USD) for local rides is common, but if you're traveling a far distance, consider tipping between 15 an 20 percent of your final bill.

Wondering what you'll pay to use a cab? Take a look at the following list of examples.

Typical Fares Around Rose Hall
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 55.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Half Moon Club

Taking a taxi everywhere you go can get pricey, but the small area of Rose Hall helps keep prices down.


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