Transportation Options for Rose Hall

Montego Bay gives way to Rose Hall, which is where your dream vacation will take place.

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Home to the famed Georgian mansion, Rose Halll is an idyllic destination just outside of busy Montego Bay. All transportation options for this area of the island originate from Montego Bay, so tourists should plan to spend a portion of time there.

Getting There

The most common mode of transport into Rose Hall is not necessarily the only option. Tourists can also visit as part of a day trip from their cruise, or sail to Jamaica themselves.

Getting Around

You may not even need to think about finding transportation in Rose Hall depending on how your resort handles things, but it is best to be prepared in the event that you are expected to find your own way.

Air Travel

Located within such close proximity to Montego Bay, the best path to Rose Hall is to fly into the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay and then take a shuttle or drive into town. The trip will take about 15 minutes. Sangster International Airport is the busiest airport in Jamaica, and a hub within the Caribbean, making it easy to find flights from the United States, Europe, and Canada. Book your flight early to avoid huge crowds, and you'll find that flying into this airport is a piece of cake. For specifics about flying to Sangster International Airport, like which airlines land here, and how long it takes to get from certain destinations, read our guide to Rose Hall Air Travel.


While most guests staying in Rose Hall might book a day sail or fishing trip nearby, others prefer to bring their own boat and sail the entire way rather than fly. The nearest port of entry and marina to the area is the Montego Bay Yacht Club which is known for its good holding and anchorage. As you approach the island's west coast, raise your “Q” flag and let customs officials direct you to where you will dock. Once you have officially arrived, they may ask to search your boat and they will certainly want to see that all of your paperwork is in order. This will include a list of the ship's stores, a list of your crew, the ship's registration, and departure permission from your last port of call. Once you have passed through customs, you can dock your boat and head over to Rose Hall.


A place of many tales known around the world as well as a popular golf destination, Rose Hall attracts a good deal of tourists who have arrived on Jamaica via cruise, despite the fact that there is no cruise terminal in the direct vicinity. Cruisers headed this way tend to arrive from ships docked at the Montego Bay Cruise Terminal, just about 20 minutes away by car. It's capable of handling even the largest of ships, so tourists interested in cruising to Jamaica and visiting Rose Hall have plenty of options available to them.

Rental Cars

...maintain a level head about you when driving...


The trip from Sangster International Airport to Rose Hall is a short one, so many tourists think they can handle the drive on their own. Know that Jamaican drivers are aggressive, reckless, and have a need for speed, so you will have to maintain a level head about you when driving or you could end up in a sticky situation. Renting the proper vehicle for your trip is just as important, and if you'll be visiting a lot of rural areas with poor road conditions you'll want to insure that you have a vehicle with good suspension and four wheel drive. For more tips about driving in Rose Hall and help renting a car, click here.


Taxis are the most popular means of transportation amongst tourist in Rose Hall. You can hire an airport transfer service to get you to your hotel initially, and charter taxis can pick you up and drop you off wherever you need to go, and the option of taking a route taxi exists as well. Whichever option you choose, know that prices are set in advance, so you'll never be left wondering how much the entire trip is going to cost you. Find out more when you click here.


Between hotel shuttle buses, taxi services, and rental cars, Rose Hall's visitors rarely have use for a public bus.  If you decide to do some sightseeing in the surrounding Montego Bay area, you may find use for the bus, though it does have some shortcomings.  Read our guide to Rose Hall Buses to find out why.


With no small islands directly off the coast of Rose Hall in need of exploring, ferries are not necessary here. If you make a trip to Kingston or Port Antonio, however, you will find these sections of the island do offer ferries to tourists interested in seeing local attractions.

Your dream Jamaican vacation awaits you in Rose Hall – but first you have to figure out how to get there. Your options have been laid before you, and now it is time to decide. Will you fly or sail? Drive yourself, or hire someone? Whatever you feel most comfortable with will always be the obvious choice.


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