Map of Accommodations in Roseau

1 | Emerald View Apartments

Just 10 minutes outside of Roseau, Emerald View Apartments is a simple establishment with a gorgeous view.

Interested visitors can find this apartment building in the town of Canefield, approximately three miles (approximately four and a half kilometers) to the north of the center of downtown Roseau.

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1 | Hummingbird Inn

Tucked away amidst lush tropical foliage, the Hummingbird Inn is an idyllic eco-friendly hotel on Dominica that enjoys a broad range of modern conveniences and amenities. Guests at the Hummingbird are greeted with warm welcome from gracious staff and receive personalized service throughout their stay.

This lodge is situated a mile and a half (two and a half kilometers) north of downtown Roseau, and is on Morne Daniel.

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1 | Chez Ophelia Cottages

Ophelia Guest House, located in the center of Dominica, is close to Trafalgar Falls, Roseau River, and many of the other popular attractions on the south side of the island. Modern amenities and an agreeable staff make this hotel perfect for a low key island retreat with all the comforts of home and plenty to keep you busy.

Travelers can find this guest house within easy traveling distance of Roseau, two and a half miles (four kilometers) east-northeast of the center of downtown Roseau.

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1 | Home from Home

Go about three quarters of a mile (a little more than a kilometer) northeast from the center of downtown Roseau to find this hotel, which is situated in the town of Roseau.

1 | St. James Guesthouse

Set in a quiet neighborhood this lovely guesthouse welcomes each guest to be a part of the family. The staff is happy to make sure your every need and desire is met, the accommodations are cozy and clean, and the surrounding area is only described as gorgeous.

Found at 1 Canal Lane, this guest house is located 0.4 miles (0.6 km) from the center of downtown Roseau.

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2 | Narakiels Inn

A former residential dwelling, Narakiel's Inn is a quiet, self-serving vacation property where guests can enjoy being surrounded by nature without being too far away from many of the island's most important attractions.

This guest house is situated in the heart of Roseau, within walking distance from St. James Guesthouse.

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1 | Madinina Lodgings

Visitors can find this guest house at 17 Hillsborough Street, a short distance from the center of downtown Roseau.

2 | Sutton Place

Sutton Place Hotel is an intimate hotel at which the staff takes the time to get to know each guest by name. Enjoy top of the line service, luxuriously appointed rooms with unique antique furnishings, and a beautiful setting to top it all off.

If you are coming from Madinina Lodgings, go within walking distance south to find this hotel.

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3 | Garraway Hotel

The Garraway Hotel is a moderately-sized hotel on the city's bay front with a wide variety of accommodations for everyone from the traveler on a budget to the vacationing family (large or small) to the visiting business executive looking for a more luxurious stay. The hotel offers activity packages when booking and also features a restaurant and bar.

This hotel is situated a short distance from Sutton Place Hotel.

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4 | La Flamboyant

It is hard to miss La Flamboyant Hotel when you're driving down the street thanks to the bright neon paint job of green and pink on the exterior. Inside, guest enjoy a chic boutique style environment where each person is treated like a star.

This hotel is at 22 King George V Street, and is a short distance from Garraway Hotel.

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5 | Fort Young Hotel

Nestled at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, cradled in the beauty of Dominica's mountainous landscape, is the Fort Young Hotel, "The Key to Dominica." The Fort Young is perfectly situated to discover all this island's treasures, ideally situated for city meetings and trips around the island; you can dive or go whale watching directly from their jetty.

Found near the heart of downtown Roseau, this hotel is a short distance from La Flamboyant.

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1 | Castle Comfort Lodge

Just south of the island's capital is a traditional Dominica guesthouse that knows how to make each guest right at home. Along with the comfortable lodgings, Castle Comfort Lodge also host a collection of daily activities for the adventure traveler.

This guest house can be found one and an eighth miles (a kilometer and a half) southeast of downtown Roseau, and is on the ocean.

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2 | Evergreen Hotel

Serenity is yours, as you sit on your private balcony and gaze out over Dominica's west coast from the comfort of the Evergreen Hotel. The hotel is a family run operation, waiting to welcome you in and treat you as one of their own.

This hotel is within driving range of Roseau, and is less than a hundred yards (about a hundred meters) from Castle Comfort Lodge.

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3 | Anchorage Hotel

Active travelers and nature lovers will enjoy the fine amenities and warm hospitality of the Anchorage Hotel and Dive Center, a hotel boasting its own dive center and professional staff to help guests plan all of their island activities. Guestrooms are comfortable and spacious, each with their own private balcony to ensure a relaxing and unique island vacation.

Situated on the northwestern outskirts of the neighborhood of Wall House, this hotel is located less than a hundred yards (about a hundred meters) from Evergreen Hotel.

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This map highlights the location of 14 accommodations in Roseau.

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Points of Interest Near Roseau
Click to Show Name (Click to Read Article) Area/Vicinity (Click to Show on Map)
Anchorage Hotel and Dive Centre 1.2 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau
Castle Comfort Lodge 1.1 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau
Emerald View Apartments Canefield, 2.3 mi. North of Central Roseau
Evergreen Hotel 1.1 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau
Fort Young Hotel Downtown Roseau
Garraway Hotel Downtown Roseau
Home from Home 0.7 mi. Northeast of Downtown Roseau
Hummingbird Inn 1.7 mi. North of Downtown Roseau
La Flamboyant Downtown Roseau
Madinina Lodgings Downtown Roseau
Narakiels Inn 0.3 mi. North of Downtown Roseau
Ophelia Guest House 2.0 mi. East-Northeast of Central Roseau
St. James Guesthouse 0.4 mi. North of Downtown Roseau
Sutton Place Hotel Downtown Roseau


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