Activities in Roseau

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A heavily populated town that features streets interspersed with both Victorian homes and modern buildings, Roseau is a popular destination among tourists.  The architecture is just the beginning of the world of opposing forces that blend so beautifully here.  While a historic walking tour, shopping the Old Market, and diving are obvious activities, there is more.

Roseau is backed by lush, green mountains and hiking is high on the list of activities to pursue among able-bodied and adventurous tourists.  Trails snake about town and through the mountains, and one of the most popularly chosen hiking tours take visitors up through the mountains, past Breakfast River, Morne Nichols, and the Valley of Desolation among other sites, and lasts between seven and eight hours. 

Bike and Scooter Rental

Busy roads can make riding a bike or scooter a bit dangerous in Roseau, but it is possible. If you are set on renting one, consider doing do as part of a tour or excursion, so you have a guide to help you navigate the city.

If you like the idea of sightseeing at your own pace, there is an agency that can help make it happen. Those wanting to find more details about this topic can do so by visiting this page.


Roseau Diving

Taking shape from the same volanic activity that formed the island, the dive sites surrounding Roseau are populated with cliffs, canyons, and other extreme geological features.

You'll find 4 dive services and at least 9 different dive sites in the area. To read a more complete discussion of scuba diving in this area read this article.


Island Style Fishing Charters

Enjoy fishing? There are two fishing charters that operate in this area. Use this link to view our extended discussion of this topic.

Sailing and Boating

More information about area firms that will enable you to spend some time out on the open water can be found down below.

Boating Opportunities In Roseau
Name Phone Location
Anchorage Dive and Whale Watch (767) 448-2638 1.1 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau
Dominica Marine Center (767) 440-2628 1.1 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau
Waitukubuli Adventure Tour Co. (767) 440-2628 Downtown Roseau
Waitukubuli Eco Tours (767) 275-7001 Roseau

If you want to learn about nearby marinas and charter operators click this link.


Al Dive

If you have some foks who enjoy exploring new shops in your group, they might enjoy browsing some of the 45 retail stores in the area. If you want to learn about shopping in and around Roseau, you can do so here.


Dominica Museum

You might want to set aside some time for experiencing the culture, sights and sounds of Roseau. Area sights include 10 historic sites and various other attractions of interest to travelers. Nature lovers might have a good time at the area's waterfalls, outdoor parks, and botanical gardens. Those needing to find out more concerning area sightseeing opportunities can do so by clicking here.

Information about a firm that can guide you to some of the most interesting local sights can be found right below.

Sightseeing Services In And Around Roseau
Name Type Phone Location
Antours Travel and Tour Operators (767) 245-0886 Downtown Roseau
Bumpiing Tours Excursions and Sightseeing Service (767) 265-9128 Pichelin, 4.8 mi. Southeast of Central Roseau
Waitukubuli Adventure Tour Co. Travel and Tour Operators (767) 440-2628 Downtown Roseau
Wotten Waven Community Tour Hiking Tour and Trip Operator (767) 440-6678 Wotten Waven, 3.1 mi. East-Northeast of Central Roseau


Roseau Snorkeling

If you enjoy snorkeling you're in luck -- you'll have plenty of chances to do so while vacationing in Roseau. Anyone who needs to find out more about opportunities to go snorkeling here.


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