Roseau Attractions

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Modern meets Victorian era in the capital city of Roseau, yet if you stand in just the right spot and gaze towards the mountains or the sea, you might just feel as though you're living on an island that has remained untouched by human hands since the time it was formed.  While natural attractions are important on Dominica, here in the capital you also have a number of cultural landmarks that  play their role as well. 


Attractions Map

You'll find an abundance of beaches to consider in and around the area. You can click on the name of the beach for detailed information about that particular stretch of sand.

Botanical Beach: With a thin strip of gray sand and calm waters, this is a pleasant spot to step out of the urban surroundings and enjoy a picnic or a sunset walk, though it's not a popular swimming or water sport beach.

A second location for beach-goers to consider is Donkey Beach. Possibly the easiest beach to get to on Dominica, Donkey Beach is right to the southwest of the airport.

Woodbridge Bay Beach: This beach has docks on its shoreline and boats on its waters, so be careful swimming. The shoreline is gray sand and it's just feet from the main road, so it's not a place where you'd want to hang out for the day.

Roseau and the surrounding areas have plenty of other beaches. Go to this page if you want some more information.

Landmark Attractions

Dominica Museum

A landmark worth visiting is Old Mill Cultural Centre. It is located within northern Roseau. The center is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am until 4:00pm.

Another popular destination is St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral. It is located in downtown Roseau. Built in the 1700s, this cathedral partially marks the end of Anglican suppression of Catholicism as well as the spread of the Catholic Church in the British colonies. While the building stands in near ruins, mass is held here on occasion, and visitors are welcome to join in during their trip.

Dominica Museum: The Dominica Museum takes visitors through time with each exhibit. The tour begins with the formation of the island, moves on to the first inhabitants, and continues on through recent years.

But that's not all -- you'll find a range of other places to visit. To read a more detailed discussion of other interesting places to visit this topic, go to this guide to other sites worth visiting in this area.

Natural Attractions

One of the more frequently visited natural attractions is The Botanical Gardens. <p>The large gardens have been part of Dominica since the 1890's, and since than have been a popular spot to visit on any trip to the island. Since the garden's founding, it has grown to include different sections, as well as a bird sanctuary where you can go and look for the rare and colorful birds that have made this garden their home.</p>

Parrot Sanctuary is a second attraction that you might enjoy. <p>Dominica's unique birds are prized inhabitants of the island, and at the Syndicate Parrot Reserve, they are given a safe home. When searching the island for a view of the beautiful parrots, this reserve is your best bet.</p>

Roseau offers some other choices too. To visit our detailed page about natural attractions in Roseau, check out this page.


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