Beaches in Roseau

Photo credit: © Dominique Hazard

The beaches of Roseau are a sight to be hold, with their volcanic, rocky, black sands that even in the Caribbean are not easy to come by.  Not favored for days spend relaxing, swimming, and sunning, they are still a great choice for a visit for the vista, a walk along the shore, and and experience you'll be able to relive for generations. 

The Area's Beaches

Beaches Map

You will find an abundance of beaches to choose from in and around the area. Simply click on specific names to get additional information concerning that particular location.

Woodbridge Bay Beach: Although Woodbridge Bay Beach is one of the most convenient option if you're desperate to dip your toes in the warm Caribbean sea, you'll probably be happier if you venture farther out of town. This short stretch of shoreline is primarily of interest because it is right in Roseau; unfortunately, it doesn't have anything going for it beyond providing direct public access to the water right in town.

Another alternative to consider is Mahaut South Beach. This beach is gray and rocky like most of the beaches on this island. There are some trees near the shore for shade and the water is usually very calm.

Pointe Michel: This beach occupies the coastline alongside a beautiful coastal town, Pointe Michel. It is a gray sand beach on flat land facing the open ocean.

The chart just below lists a few details concerning the beaches available in and around the area.

Beaches In and Around Roseau
Name Location Coast
Berekua Beach 6.5 mi. Southeast of Central Roseau South
Botanical Beach Downtown Roseau South
Champagne 4.2 mi. South of Central Roseau South
Donkey Beach Canefield, 2.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Roseau South West
Mahaut North Beach 5.0 mi. North of Central Roseau South West
Mahaut South Beach 3.5 mi. North of Central Roseau South West
Pointe Michel Pointe Michel, 3.3 mi. South of Central Roseau South
Rodney Rock Beach 6.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Roseau South West
Soufriere Bay Beach Soufriere, 5.3 mi. South of Central Roseau South
Woodbridge Bay Beach 1.2 mi. North of Downtown Roseau South

If you are looking for a wider range of points of interest beyond the category on this page, you might want to find others. For more in formation concerning other attractions for Roseau, click here.


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