Buses in Roseau

Buses on Dominica are colorful, friendly, and unique

While buses around the world are known for being the least expensive transportation option, prices can add up quickly on the island if you're making a long journey.

They run Monday through Saturday from 6:00 a.m. To 7:00 p.m., and can be recognized by checking for an “HE,” “HA,” or “HB” on the license plate. They tend to take the form of minivans rather than actual buses. Each bus is privately owned, painted brightly, and features the name of the bus operator across the front of the vehicle. There are no bus stops on the island. Instead of waiting, just begin walking in the direction you want to go, and when a bus comes along, hold your arm out straight and wave it up and down. The bus driver will notice and pick you up. Make sure to ask where the bus is going so you end up heading in the right direction. When you're on board and come to your stop, just give a shout “Getting off!” or “Stop here!” and the driver will let you off.

The chart below will give you an idea of the costs associated with traveling by bus.

Bus Destinations from Roseau
DestinationFare (East Caribbean Dollar)
Calibishie $11.00
Canefield $2.50
Carib Reserve $11.00
Castle Bruce $9.00
Marigot $11.00
Mero $4.00
Portsmouth $9.00
Rosalie $7.00
Scott's Head $4.00
Soufriere $4.00

As long as you stay within Roseau, you shouldn't have to worry about prices getting too high. Rates range from XCD $1.50 to $11 a person, all depending upon how far the bus going.


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