Fort Young Hotel Diving

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In 2011, Fort Young Hotel added the option of purchasing a scuba diving package to their list of hotel offerings. This has allowed visitors to purchase accommodations, some of dining and many of Fort Young's amazing activities all in one clean swoop.

Fort Young Hotel Diving

Cost and Offerings

Fort Young creates a diving experience like no other in deep seas of Dominica. With its wide range of dive sites and experienced staff ready to assist you out in the ocean, anyone, whether they are a beginner or expert, can go out and have the time of their lives. Highlights of the trips include swimming with volcanic bubbles at Champagne and scuba diving through the pinnacle at Scott’s Head Reef.

Along with the amazing deals offered, Fort Young also has a fully equipped dive shop and is able to pick up guest right at the hotel, instantly setting sail for the dive site so guests can have as much time as they need exploring underwater.

Fort Young offers over 20 different packages and deals on their unique diving experience which all range in price depending on how many people are diving, where you want to go, how long you will be in Fort Young and experience level. Check out the website for a full account of every deal offered.

Fort Young Hotel Diving accepts the following credit cards: American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa.

What to Expect

All trips start out on boats that take guests out to their specific dive site. Then, guests spend a few hours underwater exploring beautiful coral reefs, volcanic rocks and get to see many different species of marine life.

If you are a beginner, you have to spend time with a licensed diver at Fort Young to learn how to properly use and get comfortable with the equipment. Certified divers must show some form of scuba certification to be let into the water without supervision.

For more information about diving in the Caribbean, including useful tips and suggestions for both experienced divers and newcomers to the sport, read our detailed Caribbean diving article.

Location and Contact Information

Located in the heart of downtown Roseau, Fort Young Hotel Diving is found within Fort Young Hotel, and serves local customers and travelers who'd like to dive during their vacation in this neighborhood.

All connections with equipment and dive sites are through Fort Young. Pick-up and drop-off is done at fort young or nearby location.

Location: Victoria Street, downtown Roseau, Dominica

Phone: (800) 581-2034

Secondary Phone: (767) 448-5000




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