Roseau Landmarks

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The most prominent feature of Roseau's landmark landscape are the numerous historic churches throughout.  Some are available for tours, others you can even sit in a service, but others are closed to the public and only serve as a site to see.  Otherwise, there is a museum, a cultural center, a few historic homes, and some government buildings which should not be overlooked. 


Dominica Museum

Assuming you like to explore unfamiliar places and cultures, you might want to visit a museum during your vacation. To read additional information about each museum, click on the name.

Many travelers choose to visit Old Mill Cultural Centre. It is found in northern Roseau. While the island and people of Dominica have grown and changed over the decades, at the Old Mill Cultural Center, they remember and preserve that culture, teaching it to their children and to the visitors who show interest. Come see this surviving modern culture of the past, including art works and performances.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is Dominica Museum. It is located in downtown Roseau. The Dominica Museum takes visitors through time with each exhibit. The tour begins with the formation of the island, moves on to the first inhabitants, and continues on through recent years.

The table directly below provides you with a few details concerning a few the available museums in the area.

Museums In Roseau
Name Phone Location
Dominica Museum (767) 448-8923 Downtown Roseau
Old Mill Cultural Centre (767) 449-1804 Canefield, 2.0 mi. North of Central Roseau

Historical Sites

If you like to learn about the historical roots of an unfamiliar place, you might want to visit one or two of these historical sites while on vacation in Roseau.

Attractions Map

Many travelers choose to visit St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral. It is found within downtown Roseau. Built in the 1700s, this cathedral partially marks the end of Anglican suppression of Catholicism as well as the spread of the Catholic Church in the British colonies. While the building stands in near ruins, mass is held here on occasion, and visitors are welcome to join in during their trip.

Another landmark worth visiting is Barracoon Building. It is found in downtown Roseau. This colorful and cheerful looking building has a dark history as a center of slavery on Dominica. The Barracoon Building was built as slave barracks.

Government House: Visitors are welcomed to take pictures of the house, though the more popular attraction is the gardens outside. The Government House Gardens have existed since at least the 1790's, and has been a feature of the house ever since.

Take some time to look through this table for more information about sites of historical interest in Roseau.

Historic Sites In Roseau
Name Phone Location
Anglican Cemetery -- 0.3 mi. Southeast of Downtown Roseau
Barracoon Building -- Downtown Roseau
Cathedral of Our Lady of Fair Haven -- Downtown Roseau
Government Cemetery -- 0.3 mi. East of Downtown Roseau
Government House (441) 292-4954 Downtown Roseau
Jean Rhys House -- Downtown Roseau
St. George's Anglican Church -- Downtown Roseau
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cathedral -- Downtown Roseau
The Methodist Church -- Downtown Roseau
The State House -- Downtown Roseau

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Vacationers will discover some other interesting landmarks in and near the area.

An interesting landmark worth visiting is Rainforest Aerial Tram. It is located in Laudat, 4.0 mi. Northeast of central Roseau. Only the second of its kind the Caribbean, the Rainforest Aerial Tram is a safe way to tour the jungle while being suspended in a car 70 feet above ground. This is a truly unique experience that allows you to see the local environment with a birds-eye view.

The following table enables you to learn a few details concerning other kinds of attractions of interest to vacationers.

Miscellaneous Landmarks In and Around Roseau
Name Type Location
Bayfront Scenic Trail Downtown Roseau
Rainforest Aerial Tram Cable Car Laudat, 4.0 mi. Northeast of Central Roseau

Bear in mind that Roseau includes other attractions. To get more information about other attractions, use this link.


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