Taxis in Roseau

With the wave of a hand, you can hail a cab in Roseau

Thanks to poor road conditions and high rental costs, taxis are one of the preferred methods of transportation in Roseau. Many tourists appreciate the set rates and friendly drivers that make the experience of letting someone else take the wheel an enjoyable one.

Taxi Companies

From the time you fly into Roseau, you'll find taxis to be readily available to you, as drivers make the rounds at Canefield Airport, Roseau Cruise Dock, popular attractions and the resort area. Although the fact that taxis are actually minibuses might throw you off, there are a number of ways to ensure when you hail a cab in town it is an officially licensed vehicle. First, the license plate will have the letters “HA” or “H” on them (for “hire”), the drivers wear uniforms, and their credentials are posted somewhere in the vehicle.

If you have questions regarding taxis in Roseau and anywhere in Dominica, you can contact the Dominica Taxi Association at 767-449-8533.

See this next chart to find out how to contact a local cab company when you are needing a taxi.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Antours (767) 448-6460 Croner of Corke & George Street - Roseau
Boyce Taxis (767) 448-4394 Louviere - Roseau
Cecil's Taxi Service (767) 448-2349 24 Church Lane - Roseau
Garraway Enterprises (767) 448-2891 17 Old Street - Roseau
Island Tours And Taxi Service (767) 440-0944 34 Cork Street - Downtown Roseau
Lewis Alwin (767) 448-4260 131 Victoria Street - Roseau
Linton's Taxi Service (767) 448-2558 33 Elmshall - Roseau
Mally's Taxi Service (767) 448-3114 64 Corke Street - Roseau
Nature Island Taxi (767) 440-8126 43 King George 5th Street - Downtown Roseau
Oscar Taxi Service (767) 448-5170 Thirteenth Street and Johnson Avenue - Roseau
Tru Taxi Service (767) 276-2228 Roseau
Younis Taxi Service (767) 448-2470 60 King George V Street - Roseau

Rates, Fares, and Fees

You won't find meters in the taxis driving around Roseau. Instead, there are rates that have been preset by the government. This means you'll always know how much it will cost you to get from one place to another before you even get to your final destination. Even so, make sure you confirm with your driver to make sure there are no surprises.

Curious how much a taxi ride will set you back? See this list of examples.

Typical Fares Around Roseau
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 23.75 - $ 32.00 Douglas-Charles Airport Canefield
$ 26.00 - $ 32.00 Douglas-Charles Airport Roseau
$ 25.00 - $ 40.00 Canefield Airport Roseau
$ 25.50 - $ 34.00 Douglas-Charles Airport Wall House

Don't forget to tip your driver for a job well done. Consider adding between 15 and 20 percent to your final bill as a special reward.

Taxi Tours

One of the best ways to see the island is to have someone in-the-know take you around. Taxi drivers are great at giving tours, thanks to their great deal of experience driving around to all the most obscure places, plus the added bonus of having lived on the island for most of their lives. For anywhere between $70 and $90(USD) for up to five hours, you can have your favorite cab driver give you a tour of Dominica.

Whether you decide to utilize taxi services as a one off to get from your point of entry to your hotel, or make it your main mode of transportation, it helps to know the inns and outs of the trade. As you can see from above, fares can add up if you hail a cab with every move you make, but the knowledge that someone who knows their way around is in charge more than makes up for the cost for most tourists.


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