South Rum Cay Beach

If your goal is to have a whole beach all to yourself for a day, South Rum Cay Beach is exactly what you are looking for. Though beautiful, the island of Rum Cay is not very populated, making it easy to find a stretch of sand to claim as your own.

Located on the island of Rum Cay, South Rum Cay Beach is on the South edge of the island, You might want even if you aren't staying very close. This beach is not just another beach attraction, it is one of the more unique and quiet beaches in the Bahamas. While South Rum Cay Beach might be a bit off the beaten path, it offers unparalleled relaxation opportunities.

How to Access The Beach
South Rum Cay Beach is set on the south coast of Rum Cay.

Amenities and Ambiance

South Rum Cay Beach enjoys white sands lined with striking palm trees. The calm, aquamarine waters are home to a few outcroppings of coral, making it a fun place to try and get in some snorkeling.

Unfortunately, you won't find any public restrooms along this coastline, so those of you traveling with small children may want to consider another spot.

South Rum Cay Beach offers an angelic and relaxing enclave, in part because the region surrounding the beach is not heavily urbanized.

What's Nearby


Cities and Towns

It might be a bit of a trek to get there, but is the closest city. although there are some smaller settlements closer to the beach.


The popularity of this spot on any given day can vary, it depends on several things: the season, the weather, even how many hotel rooms have been booked nearby.

You shouldn't anticipate finding any of The Bahamas' frequently visited hotels lining this beach, but if you're looking to evade throngs of travelers, the shortage of accommodation options should be a welcomed sight.


There aren't any restaurants surrounding this location, so you might want to plan a picnic for your day in the sun.

Other Beaches

Visitors looking for a beach that's right for them will have plenty of other choices on Rum Cay besides South Rum Cay Beach.

Travelers may also want to consider Port Nelson Beach, located two miles away.

While the area offers plenty of picturesque views and exciting attractions, visiting South Rum Cay Beach or the other beautiful beaches in the area can make your time in the Bahamas even more memorable.


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