Runaway Bay Attractions

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Runaway Bay is a growing resort area that is too large to be considered a quiet retreat, but too small to as of yet sit near the top of the list of the most popular tourist destinations.  Whatever value you give it, it manages to keep its visitors busy with attractions that include limestone caves, a casino, and what are often considered to be some of the most picturesque beaches in Jamaica. 


Runaway Beach

You'll discover a large selection of beaches to choose from in and around the area. Snorkeling is available at some locations, for visitors who enjoy the underwater scene. Click on each beach name to get additional information about that beach.

One beach where you can go snorkeling is Runaway Beach. While not completely empty, this bay beach does have enough space for everyone spread out. It's usually quiet, but the high season can bring crowds.

Attractions Map

Another top pick for snorkelers is Salem Paradise Beach. On Jamaica's northern shore and popular with boaters, this is a beautiful white sand beach.

Puero Seco Beach: Puero Seco Beach looks out over Discovery Bay from the east. The shore is lined with soft, white sand and enjoys very calm waters. Especially by the port that juts out into the sea, you'll find that you can walk about 15 to 20 feet into the water before it begins to get deep.

These are just a few of your choices. Visit this extended discussion if you're seeking some more specifics.

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you want to enjoy more of your vacation under the open sky? You may be happy to find out that the area has a popular nature preserve available.

Seven Oaks Sanctuary For Wildlife is a great nature preserve found within Runaway Bay. With parking and access from a major road, people should have no trouble getting to Seven Oaks.

Nature Preserves and Hiking In Runaway Bay
Name Type Location Island
Seven Oaks Sanctuary For Wildlife Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 0.6 mi. South of Central Runaway Bay Jamaica


Green Grotto Caves

Even though most travelers are attracted by the beautiful coastline, that isn't the only way to experience the area's natural beauty. One such example is Green Grotto Caves. It is located in western Runaway Bay. <p>Underneath the tropical paradise of Jamaica is a whole underground world waiting to be explored. Heading to Green Grotto Cave will give you the opportunity to see the large caves that exist just under the surface.</p>

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Visitors can also spend some time in the local park, as well as a botanical garden nearby.

If you enjoy tropical vegetation, you might want to visit Cranbrook Flower Forest and River Head Adventure Trail, which is found 5.3 mi. East-Southeast of central Runaway Bay. Built nearly two centuries ago, these gardens have become a popular destination for nature lovers in Jamaica. The beautiful flowers, peaceful ponds, and interesting native plants all help make the Cranbrook Flower Forest a relaxing adventure.

The parks and gardens you'll be able to find can be seen down below.

Parks and Gardens Near Runaway Bay
Name Type Location
Addison Park Park 5.2 mi. South-Southwest of Central Runaway Bay
Cranbrook Flower Forest and River Head Adventure Trail Botanical Garden 5.3 mi. East-Southeast of Central Runaway Bay

Land Formations

Another fun idea is to go see some of the more interesting area land formations. Fully natural attractions like these in Runaway Bay are listed in the chart below.

Land Formations In Runaway Bay
Name Type Location
Grotto Lake Lake 2.5 mi. West of Central Runaway Bay
Pear Tree River River 1.5 mi. West of Central Runaway Bay
Runaway Bay Bay 1.2 mi. West of Central Runaway Bay


Jamaica Casinos

Feeling lucky? Visitors who'd like to try their luck in some gaming action have several places to do so in and near the area.

Be sure to look through the following table for more information about your options.

Gambling In and Around Runaway Bay
Name Located At Phone Location
Grand Bahia Principe -- (876) 973-7000 0.9 mi. West of Central Runaway Bay
RIU Ocho Rios Casino Riu Ocho Rios (876) 972-2200 11.4 mi. East of Central Runaway Bay

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