Transportation Options for Runaway Bay

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Just west of Ocho Rios on the north coast of Jamaica is the popular tourist town of Runaway Bay. All-inclusive resorts, picturesque beaches, a well-known golf course, and many restaurants and shopping areas are all found here. Most people travel to this spot first by air, and then with a charter taxi, but there are numerous other choices with regards to get into and then around Runaway Bay.

Getting There

With multiple airports on Jamaica, flying to the island is the most convenient option, but some tourists prefer an adventure over all else. If that sounds more your style, you can make plans to sail a personal watercraft, or combine luxury and adventure and plan to cruise into the island aboard a huge liner.

Getting Around

From driving yourself around to hiring someone to do the job, there are plenty of ways to get from place to place in Runaway Bay. Most people would typically prefer the convenience of renting a car, but taxis are recommended by seasoned travelers who know well the road conditions in Jamaica, and buses remain the most affordable option.

Air Travel

The airport closest to Runaway Bay is located approximately 38 miles away in Montego Bay. Sangster International Airport is a major hub in the Caribbean and most visitors use this airport for their vacation travels. Finding a flight in is rarely difficult, as most major commercial airlines have flights to Jamaica scheduled regularly. Flights from the United States, Canada, and major cities in Europe all fly into Sangster International Airport daily. Discover which airlines specifically make the journey, click here.


The lack of a marina in Runaway Bay may lead potential sailors to consider sailing to another destination; however, there are plenty of ways around this minor obstacle and no hurdle so great that skipping a visit to Runaway Bay should be considered. By clicking here and reading our guide to Runaway Bay Sailing, you'll learn how to make it happen.


Two million people visit Jamaica each year as a part of a cruise, and when they arrive they have the choice of participating in a ship sanctioned excursion or taking off for some exploring on their own. Runaway Bay, about mid way between two of the island's cruise ports is a likely possibility. Ocho Rios harbors the island's most visited cruise port, and is large enough to handle the largest of liners while Falmouth is home to the newest terminal, which has all of the most modern amenities. Falmouth is about 45 minutes away by car and Runaway Bay is a 40 minute drive. If you'd like to visit Runaway Bay Bay as a part of your cruise, be on the lookout for tours that make a stop in either nearby town.

Rental Cars

There two main road types in Jamaican, and if you'll be driving yourself to Runaway Bay, you'll quickly experience driving on both of them. Right away, you'll know why people recommend using public transportation on the island – road conditions are bad and local drivers are worse. Still, some people have no choice by to rent a car. Rentals in Runaway Bay cost between $35 and $250(USD) for licensed drivers who are older than 23, and insurance is required. Find out more about renting a car here.


...sit back and enjoy the sites...


Start your vacation off at a leisurely pace by hiring an airport transfer service to take you to your accommodations in Runaway Bay. This will allow you to sit back and enjoy the sites as a more experienced Jamaican driver braves the perilous roads. Once you get to you final destination, you can continue using taxi services by hiring charter taxis, which are private cabs, to take you to and from your restaurant reservations, and you can even ask your driver to take you on a tour of the area. If you'll be out and about on no set schedule, try using local route taxis instead. If you go with this choice, make sure to have Jamaican Dollars on hand, because route taxis do not accept U.S. Dollars. Click here for more information about taxis in Runaway Bay.


A bus ride in Jamaica is most definitely a cultural experience. Crowded by locals and tourists and without air conditioning, you'll get an up-close-and-personal look at the transportation scene on the island. Although buses are not the most popular form of transportation in Runaway Bay, you may see one zipping down the street on occasion, and you can wave your hand to hail a ride just as you would a taxi – the difference is that the bus sticks to its route rather than stopping at specific locations for different people. It will cost about $1(USD) per person for a trip in town, and you must pay with exact change in Jamaican currency.

Another option is to take a mini bus from Runaway Bay to some of the other larger cities on the island. These mini buses are similar to regular buses, but charge about $1.50(USD) for every 50 miles traveled.


Because Jamaica is a nation comprised of one large inhabited island, ferry transportation is not so important here as say in the Virgin Islands or the Bahamas. A few ferries exist to bring visitors to popular tourist sites like Port Royal across the island just off the coast of Kingston, but these are not to be relied upon as means to get around Jamaica like a land taxi would.

A trip to Runaway Bay need not be a stressful experience. Although there are many transportation options, price, convenience, and personal preference should help you to very quickly narrow down your choices and determine which will help you to have the most memorable experience.


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