Accommodations on Saba

The number of lodgings on Saba may be somewhat limited

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Saba is best known for its tranquil and secluded environment, and many vacationers visit this small, peaceful island for a truly soothing and natural experience. Because fewer than 25,000 tourists visit the island each year, accommodations on Saba are somewhat limited. But, just because hotels and other lodgings are few in number doesn't mean vacationers should expect lower quality.



Saba is such a small island that where you stay doesn't matter nearly as much as some other locations in the Caribbean – it won't take you very long to get to where you want to be no matter where you choose to stay.

Saba's largest town is also the capital: The Bottom. The Bottom is where the hospital, government buildings, a university, and several attractions are located. This is the closest thing you will find to a city on Saba, though it is still quite subdued.

Hell's Gate is the closest town to the airport, and best known for producing some of the finest lace in the world.

Windwardside, the second largest town on Saba is great for vacationers who like to be near the shops. In this area there are a few landmarks, as well as grocery stores, a few dive shops, and a museum.

Between Windwardside and The Bottom is St. John's, the smallest town on the island. This is primarily where locals live, so finding a hotel in this area can be a challenge.


As you look through the options for hotels on Saba, take into consideration their Star Rating. Each hotel is giving a rating based upon a number of factors, such as quality of service, décor, amenities, and comfort. These ratings are created completely independently of pricing, so once you set your budget, you may be able to find a few differently rated hotels within your price range.

One and Two Stars

Saba's 1 Star hotels are small, privately owned affairs, often run by the owner. The rooms will be sparsely decorated, and have few amenities, but get the job done for vacationers who plan to spend more time out exploring the island than they do in their room. Currently, we have no properties in our database with a 1 Star Rating.

Next on the rung are the 2 stars properties, which though there is not too much of a difference, you can expect a higher level of service. These properties might be a part of a national chain, and have more access to money to fix up the place. There might also be the option of room service, or a bar in the lobby. Saba's 2 Star properties includes Hotel Scout's Place.

Three Stars

Rooms at 3 stars properties are comfortably-sized; not too large and not too small. The accommodations are quite nice, and guests are well taken care of by the staff. These properties may have a restaurant on site, and will most likely over 24 hours room service. Saba's 3 Star properties includes Queen's Garden Resort.

Four Stars

At a 4 stars property, you really are getting a luxury experience. The rooms are well-appointed, and carefully cared for, with extra amenities, lots of space, and guests receive great care by the staff. Currently, we have no properties in our database with a 4 Star rating.

Five Stars

Vacationers looking for the truly pampered life on Saba will want to choose a 5 stars hotel. These properties are as clean as they come, beautifully decorated, filled with luxury amenities, and include extras like jacuzzi tubs in the bathroom. Currently, we have no properties in our database with a 5 Star rating.

Hotels On Saba

Juliana's Hotel

You will find a few types of hotels to choose from on the island, including two hotels and one resort. For travelers who look forward to wining-and-dining quite a bit, you can find at least a couple of hotels that provide outstanding on-site dining. Click on each link to read more details.

If you are wanting to stay somewhere with a good late-night scene, Juliana's Hotel is one spot you may want to think about. Julianna's Hotel offers a unique experience for even the most seasoned traveler. Its rooms cater to a multiple range of guests, offering small traditional cottages, garden view rooms, and an apartment. Customers can contact them at (599) 416-2269.

For vacationers seeking to stay somewhere with a good late-night scene, Hotel Scout's Place is one spot you might want to think about. Hotel Scouts Place is truly a treasure on Saba. The limited amount of rooms and calm atmosphere transplant the traveler into a new world allowing for a calm and relaxed vacation.

Take a moment to look through the following chart for more information about hotel options.

Hotels On Saba
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location
El Momo Cottages Cottages --


1.1 mi. East of Central St. John's
Hotel Scout's Place Hotel --


Windward Side, Central Saba
Juliana's Hotel Hotel (599) 416-2269


0.0 mi. Northeast of Central St. John's
Queen's Garden Resort Resort (599) 416-3494


0.7 mi. North-Northwest of Central St. John's

Condos and Villa Complexes On Saba

If you're not in the mood for a standard hotel, you might enjoy renting one of the island's nearby condos or villas.

Cottage Club is one property of this type located in Windward Side, in central Saba. Located Windwardside, Cottage Club is a collection of Saban-style cottages. The grounds are lined with palm trees and perfectly landscaped to be reminiscent of a historic island plantation. If you have questions, call them at (599) 416-2386.

Additional information about one property of this type is seen down below.

Condo and Villa Complexes On Saba
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Cottage Club Villa complex (599) 416-2386


Windward Side, Central Saba Saba

Camping and Eco-Tourism On Saba

Nature enthusiasts might want to consider the one eco-tourism property offered. In addition to the typical hotel choices, there will be an eco-lodge.

Visitors hoping to book their stay on Saba will enjoy opportunities like Ecolodge Rendez-Vous. Is there anything more peaceful than relaxing in a cabin set in the middle of the rainforest, far away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life where your worries can't follow you? Ecolodge Rendez-Vouz doesn't think so! If you want to call in advance, you can do so at (599) 416-7428.

Eco-Accommodations On Saba
Name Type Phone Number Star Rating Location Island
Ecolodge Rendez-Vous Lodge (599) 416-7428


Windward Side, Central Saba Saba

All-Inclusive Accommodations

Some travelers like the comfort of an all-inclusive price. There are several reasons for their appeal. For instance, they can greatly simplify the planning process. The one choice just below is the only all-inclusive property available here.

If you are organizing for a special occasion, or are coming with a large group, think about a group-friendly accommodation like Queen's Garden Resort. Queen's Gardens Resort is a luxury boutique hotel with 12 rooms only available - one room per floor in each building. Each room has air conditioning, panoramic vistas, flat screen television, WiFi, mini-bar, and in-room safe. The property is located at 1 Troy Hill Drive.

All-inclusive lodgings offer food and other amenities for one flat price; however, other inclusions may vary. It's always wise to call ahead or carefully study the official website, to verify what's included in each all-inclusive package.

Personal Considerations

As you plan your trip to Saba, a number of factors must be taken into consideration, especially if you are in charge of planning for a larger group.

Party Size

When you travel to Saba with a small party, finding a place to stay won't be such as hassle. However, larger parties will have to do a little more work to make sure everyone is comfortable. Finding a resort that specializes in suites, or a villa or other type of rental property will be the most comfortable option.


Eco-tourism is really the top reason people visit Saba. Luckily, there are a few eco-lodges and cabins that stick to the principals of green living, allowing vacationers to find exactly what they want in their lodgings.

Length of Stay

The longer your stay, the most comfortable you'll want to be. This is why you should consider a  if you will be on the island for more than a few weeks. The rates will be cheaper, and you'll have more leeway to make the place feel like home.

Depending on your specific vacationing needs, deciding on the right accommodations while visiting Saba may take a little extra effort. But if you're looking for a quiet and soothing island getaway, this tiny tropical island is sure to have something just for you.


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