Activities on Saba

Saba's rugged terrain both on and off shore provides the perfect backdrop for outdoor pursuits.

Photo credit: © Sea Saba Advanced Dive Center

Activities on Saba

Formed by a dormant volcano, the small island of Saba doesn't offer much in the way of beaches. But its dramatic rocky landscapes and pristine waters are perfect for hiking and diving.

Due to Saba's small population, low number of tourists, and well-managed conservation efforts, vacationers who do come here find a land of unspoiled beauty. The Saba Conservation Foundation works with the government to preserve the island's environment, both on land and in the surrounding sea. The SCF offers guided hikes through the Trail Shop, as well as boat tours that teach about Saba's history, marine life, flora, and fauna.

Water Sports

...warm waters teem with tropical fish, coral reefs, sharks, rays, turtles, and other marine life.

Saba's main attraction is diving. Several magnificent underwater formations and the abundance of thriving marine life have led Scuba Diving Magazine's readers to vote Saba highly in a number of categories, including among the Top Ten for Best Dive Destination. Among the dive sites, there are areas for beginners and advanced divers. A few areas also provide snorkeling opportunities. Saba's warm waters teem with tropical fish, coral reefs, sharks, rays, turtles, and other marine life. Its unique seascape includes the Pinnacles, underwater caves and tunnels, a massive rock wall, and a natural labyrinth.

Anglers headed to Saba should know that conservation efforts have made almost non-existent on Saba. To date, 20 percent of the country's waterways prohibit fishing completely, and as for the rest, it is not easy to procure equipment and find a charter service willing to take anglers to them.


Because there are no golf courses on Saba, and tennis courts are limited, vacationers typically turn to hiking to get their physical activity in. With its variety of trails ranging from short and easy to long and strenuous hikes, anyone can enjoy hiking on Saba. Trails through the rainforest burst with colors from brilliant tropical plants, such as orchids, oleander, and hibiscus, and hummingbirds and iguanas keep hikers company. Those who take a longer hike up the stunning Mt. Scenery will trek through wisps of fog shrouding the jungle in mystery. Click here to read more about nature on Saba.


Although vacationers won't find any large malls on Saba, shopping is still a popular pursuit among visitors. Shops like the Artisan Foundation at The Bottom, and Around the Bend in Windwardside carry items such as hand-screened fabrics and authentic Saba lace made on the island. The exotically flavored Saba spice liquor is also available at the island's shops and boutiques. Spiced with fennel, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, this 150-proof liquor may vary in taste depending on the brewer's own recipe. Other places for shopping are located along the Main Road at places like Peggy's Boutique, Hillside Boutique, Paloma's, and several other shops.

Events and Festivals

Saba likes to keep it quiet. Though there are a few national holidays that islanders recognize, only three festivals occur during the year. One is synonymous with celebration in the Caribbean, Carnival. The other two are Sea & Learn, which focuses on environmental education, and Saba Day & Weekend, which celebrates Saban culture and history.


Once again, the small, quiet nature of the island of Saba shows in the lack of large night spots. Still, it is possible for vacationers to get their party on in Windwardside, where the largest concentration of bars is located. Your best luck might be staying at your hotel for entertainment put on by the staff. Click here to read more about nightlife on Saba.

Travelers who prefer an extensive diving or hiking trip over one full of many different activities will enjoy Saba. This island gem off the beaten path offers natural splendor unlike other Caribbean destinations.


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