All Inclusives on Saba

Saba attracts travelers looking for peace, seclusion, and adventure

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Saba All Inclusive

The small, rocky island of Saba attracts large numbers of travelers looking for some of the best eco-adventure in the Caribbean. As such, travelers will not find large and luxurious all-inclusive resorts here.

Accommodations on Saba are limited, and most of the island's visitors stay in small hotels, villas, lodges, and cottages. Travelers will not find accommodations on the island that have more than 14 or 15 rooms each. Since many travelers come to Saba for independence, isolation, and adventure, there are no traditional all-inclusive resorts that provide for a traveler's every need.

The appeal of all-inclusive resorts on other islands is their ability to provide a complete experience in one location. Vacationers can pay one bill to take care of their accommodations, meals, transportation, and activities. Often, vacationers never have to leave the confines of their hotel and beach property during their trip. Each night, travelers will have a number of dining options, from a family style buffet to fine wine and cuisine.

For many travelers, the problem with these all-inclusive resorts lies in the way that they keep vacationers from exploring other parts of the island. Since activities, tours, and meals are all arranged, travelers have no need to venture out to try some of the local restaurants or adventures. Often, these all-inclusive resorts are flashy and crowded with vacationers, making peace and seclusion hard to find in these resorts.

Saba appeals to some travelers for the fact that peace and seclusion are readily available here. Visitors can stay in romantic, isolated villas and cottages that are tucked away from the business of the outside world. There is no need or room for all-inclusive resorts on this tiny island. Adventure and cuisine are never far away, and travelers can make their own choices about what they wish to see or do on any given day.

While there are no all-inclusive resorts on Saba that offer large facilities and extra benefits such as a dance club and on site entertainment, some hotels do offer packaged deals. These hotels may have bars, fitness centers, or a masseuse, and may even offer a meal plan. Other hotels offer packages that include accommodations and dive packages.  Three night packages with four dives can start at $300(USD) per person. Seven night packages with 10 dives start at $775(USD) per person. Other vacationers will find their villa or cottage equipped with a kitchen, allowing them to cook for themselves.

Since Saba is so small, diving in Fort Bay or dining in Windwardside will never be more than a short ride away. Travelers can find accommodations in Windwardside as well as in several other locations on the island, such as Hell's Gate and Troy Hill.

Saba is likely to attract vacationers who wish to stay away from the large crowds and energy of a flashy all-inclusive resort. While Saba does not offer travelers the traditional pampered all-inclusive experience, it does offer peace, beauty, and adventure.

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