Saba Beaches

Although Saba is an excellent destination for a tropical getaway, travelers will not find traditional Caribbean beaches

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The Beaches of Saba

Saba is often considered a hidden gem of the Caribbean, retaining its unique beauty and simple way of life long after other islands have become packed with high-rises and crowds. Saba has largely been overlooked by international tourists perhaps because of its small size, but a more likely culprit is the island's lack of beaches.

If you're seeking mile upon mile of sugary sand on your vacation, Saba probably isn't the right spot for you. Because the land is the peak of an underwater mountain, it lacks much of the low-lying openness of other Caribbean destinations. What this island offers instead is plenty of rocky coastline with great opportunities for amazing snorkeling and scuba diving.

Although underwater pursuits are absolutely breathtaking, beaches aren't a big draw for the vacationers who make their way to this Caribbean spot. There really are only two spots that can technically be considered "beaches"; Well's Bay and Cove Bay.

Well's Bay Beach, located on Saba's west coast is well known for its fantastic views. Enclosed by high cliffs and facing Caribbean waters as far as the eye can see, you will feel as if you have reached the edge of the world.

Just as beautiful on the other side of the island is Cove Bay. This small beach makes for some good swimming thanks to rocks offshore that form a tide pool close to the shore. A little less remote than Well's Bay, you will be able to find restrooms, showers, and other amenities at Cove Bay.

Beach Name Location Coast
Cove Bay Saba North East
Spring Bay Beach Saba North East
Well's Bay Beach West Coast North West

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