When is the Best Time to Visit Saba?

Travelers make it to the tiny island throughout the year

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When to Visit Saba

Although hiking and scuba diving enthusiasts have appealing reasons to visit the small 5-square mile island of Saba during any month of the year, many travelers from around the world travel to the Caribbean during the drier high season.


Saba Weather

The average daily temperatures on Saba is 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with general fluctuations of just a few degrees. The island's temperate climate means that Saba can be enjoyed throughout the year, although many visitors will travel during the Caribbean high season of mid-December to mid-April.

The Caribbean high season coincides with the onset of winter in much of North America and Europe. The frosty climate in these regions drives large numbers of travelers to escape the cold in the tropical landscapes of the Caribbean. Most of the Caribbean experiences less precipitation and humidity during these drier months, making the pleasant weather a stark contrast to the rain and snow many travelers are seeking to escape. Luckily, the volcano that makes up the island of Saba is extinct, so travelers do not have to worry about this natural hazard. Hurricanes, however, are a natural threat in the Caribbean, and Saba does lie in the hurricane belt. The hurricane season in the Atlantic lasts from the beginning of June until the end of November, making travel during the slow season potentially more dangerous. While the weather on Saba can be pleasant at any time of the year, several factors make the high season the most popular time to visit.

Saba's High Season

...monitor Atlantic storm systems...

Although this small island without beaches attracts less than 25,000 visitors each year, travelers during the December through April high season are still likely to have plenty of company as they make their way to and stay on Saba. The island also attracts many tourists who take a ferry from St. Maarten for a day trip to Saba. Hotels, restaurants, and recreation and adventure vendors may increase their services to meet the higher demand during the high travel season. Restaurants and hotels may increase their staff, and adventure tours may run more frequently. The influx of travelers to the region during this time will mean that airlines and hotels are booked far in advance, and that restaurants, tours, and ferries may be crowded with other travelers. Vacationers looking to visit Saba during this high season should consider making air and hotel reservations at least a few months in advance. Reservations may also be essential at select restaurants and adventure services.

Saba's Low Season

Saba Accommodations

Although traveling to Saba can be expensive throughout the year, travelers may find monetary advantages to traveling during the Caribbean off season, from mid-April to mid-December. Prices on airfares and at hotels may drop up to 50 percent during these slower months. Travelers may also enjoy the luxury of elbow room, as they will not be competing with as many other travelers for space on the tiny island.

Travelers should closely monitor Atlantic storm systems and weather conditions in the region prior to and during their trip. Although the region generally experiences more rain and humidity during the summer season, the average temperature on Saba generally fluctuates by only a few degrees. Many hotels in the Caribbean use the slower summer months to perform renovations and construction on their properties. Other hotels and restaurants may close for weeks or months at a time. However, accommodations on Saba are small inns and , and are less likely to undertake the type of large scale, intrusive construction that all-inclusive resorts in other locations might do. Nevertheless, travelers visiting the island during this time should check on the scope of work scheduled to be done during their stay.

Saba Events and Festivals

Events and Festivals

Saba also has a number of festivals throughout the year that may appeal to visitors. Sea and Learn is a month-long environmental awareness program in October that includes free events such as talks and field work. Carnival begins in the last week of July and has a vibrant assortment of music and parades. Saba Days, which take place in early December, is a winter carnival that includes dance, music, and games.

Some travelers may prefer to travel during the Caribbean high season, when they can escape from colder temperatures in their own home. Others will prefer the slower pace of the off season. Divers and eco-adventurers will be drawn to Saba throughout the year.


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