Renting a Bike or Moped on Saba

Steep roads can be dangerous for bikers

Photo credit: © Carlos Caetano |

Having Fun on Saba

Because of Saba's unique geography, getting around the island is a little more difficult than on some other Caribbean islands. The land on Saba is set on a steep incline, and there are relatively few areas that have flat surfaces, which can make biking around the island a real workout. Most of the island's locals traverse Saba on foot, and many vacationers hitchhike and walk to reach their destination.

Currently, no one rents bikes or mopeds to vacationers. Should you gain access to either a bike or moped, you'll find that navigating these two-wheeled vehicles on Saba's roads can pose a real challenge. Bikers should keep a few safety issues in mind when riding a bicycle or moped.

Many visitors may not be used to the driving conditions on Saba and should use extreme caution on the island's 10 miles of concrete road. The roads on the island are generally in good condition, but they are narrow and steep, full of twists and sharp turns. The roads also wrap around and go up numerous cliffs and mountainsides, which could make for dangerous obstacles for cyclists.

If you decide that you want to bike around Saba to see its wondrous sites and natural beauty, use caution when traveling the island's steep roads.


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