Booking your Trip to Saba

Travelers should choose carefully when booking their vacation

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Although this part of the Netherlands Antilles has no beaches, some travelers are drawn to Saba for hiking on Mt. Scenery or scuba diving in the pristine waters surrounding the island. Travelers who wish to explore this tiny island have many options for booking their travel, accommodations, and other vacation needs.

Travelers can book their travel to the Caribbean using a number of methods. The first method is one that has experienced rapid growth in both capability and popularity. The Internet allows travelers to explore a great number of options based on the location and dates of their travel. No other resource presents such large quantities of customized information in such an organized and efficient way. Internet users can access the Web at their own convenience in the comfort of their own homes to plan their trip to Saba. Most reputable Internet sites offer secure sites over which users can safely transmit their information. Prospective vacationers can book their travel on Internet travel vendors or specific company Web sites.

Many people who feel comfortable doing research on the Internet will also feel comfortable booking their travel online. The process is as easy as running a search, selecting your travel options, entering your personal data, and completing your transaction. Internet vendors are perhaps the most popular way of booking travel to destinations throughout the world. They give travelers the alternative to seek out individual companies and hotels one by one. These vendors receive deals and prices from a number of different companies on everything from airfare, hotels, rental cars, cruises, and tours. This allows travelers to access the rates and fares for competing companies in one place. Packaged deals from these travel vendors may allow users to secure airfare, hotel accommodations, and transportation for one price. Travelers have the option of searching through a long list of prices and options to find the company and deal that best suit their travel needs.

Internet vendors are divided into general travel vendors and Caribbean travel vendors. General travel vendors can offer travel options to locations around the globe, while Caribbean travel vendors specialize in Caribbean travel options. Since travel vendor sites receive many of the same discounts from travel companies, travelers may find that there is little difference between many of the prices. In these cases, travelers should examine what is included in the fees to determine the final price of their booking. Some companies may leave convenience fees, service charges, government taxes, and departure taxes out of their initial price quote. Travelers should carefully inspect the charges that will be included in the final price of their booking.

Many vacationers feel most comfortable when dealing with a favorite company. Travelers who know that they prefer to fly or stay with a certain company can visit that company's Web sites directly to search for deals and book their travel. Often, these Web sites offer special Internet-only rates and incentives. Hotels may provide drink or food vouchers or other benefits to convince travelers to book electronically. Airlines often reward travelers who book electronically with extra frequent flier miles and rewards.

Despite the increasing popularity, safety, and reach of the Internet, some travelers remain wary of submitting their personal information online. Other travelers may not have access to the Internet in the privacy of their home and may not wish to submit personal information on public computers. For these people, travel agents and phone representatives are viable alternatives to the Internet.

Travelers who remain uncomfortable with booking their travel through the Internet can enlist the help of a knowledgeable and friendly travel agent. Reputable travel agents or travel agents who happen to be personal friends will generally provide travelers with the most help in researching vacation options. Travel agents can offer vacation packages that allow travelers to secure many of their vacation needs at once. Agents can also be specialized to cover general travel or Caribbean travel, and travelers may wish to seek out individuals who are known to be knowledgeable about the Caribbean. Other agents who specialize in general travel throughout the world or in a certain type of travel, such as business travel, may not be as helpful to Caribbean travelers.

The benefit of using Internet travel vendors or travel agents is that their reputations are affected by the companies that they advertise. As a result, travel vendors or agents are likely to drop a company or location that is negatively affecting their reputation by continually mistreating their customers. Third party vendors may also back customers in disputes between customer and company.

If you don't have a travel agent but want to talk to a live person to book your travel, you can contact vendors directly. Phone calls give travelers the benefit of talking to a representative that can answer questions regarding the business, fees, policies, and other concerns. Phone representatives may also be able to offer travelers reduced rates and special deals, although they may not be able to offer the same deals and discounts offered on the company's Web site.

Whether you are comfortable using electronic resources to book your travel or prefer a more personal approach, you have a number of options for securing your travel. In the end, you should choose to book your trip to Saba using the method that you are most comfortable with.


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