Buses on Saba

There is no public transportation available on tiny Saba


Many foreign travelers to Saba will be accustomed to utilizing public transportation as a cheap and convenient way to travel around an area. Although Saba has a road, called The Road, there are no buses.

Bus Routes

With an area of only five square miles and a low population, Saba is much too small to justify public transportation services such as buses. Additionally, The Road presents challenges such as tight curves and narrow passages that make driving a large vehicle such as a bus an unnecessary risk.

Although rental cars and taxis are available on the island, many Saba locals and visitors find themselves traveling from Fort Bay to The Bottom to Windwardside and other island destinations by walking or hitchhiking. Although the distances are not long, many walks will involve adventuring up inclines, which may deter some travelers. Visitors who choose to walk should have comfortable footwear that provides traction on both wet and dry ground in order to safely make their journey.

Other travelers choose hitchhiking to get from place to place on the island. While hitchhiking in the United States is no longer popular or very safe, the practice is still common on Saba. Travelers can hitch rides from cars at hitching spots in Fort Bay (near Saba Deep), The Bottom (near Public Works), and in Windwardside (near Big Rock Market).

Although you can't flag down a bus on Saba, you can hitch a ride, catch a taxi, or pound the pavement to your next destination.


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