Saba Casinos

There are no casinos on the tiny island of Saba

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Saba Casinos

Travelers visit the Caribbean for a number of reasons, and one of them is that many islands offer casinos for times when vacationers need a break from the sun.  Unfortunately, Saba does not offer this luxury to their guests. casinos on the island...


Saba has such as small population and sees such a small amount of tourism each week that to open a casino on the island would be financially unsound.  For this reason, there are no casinos on the island of Saba.

Vacationers who get the itch and want to spend some of their vacation time gambling can take a two hour ferry or 15 minute flight to St. Maarten, where there are 11 casinos open on a daily basis.  Guests must be at least 18-years-of-age to gamble in St. Maarten. To read more about casinos in St. Maarten, click here.

The lack of casinos on Saba does not equal a lack of fun.  There are a few bars and clubs on the island that visitors can check out, as well as the numerous natural attractions that are the true draw to Saba.



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