Clothing and Attire on Saba

Vacationers should pack for adventure when they visit Saba

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Clothing on Saba

Even if you have come to Saba for relaxation and seclusion, you are likely to be tempted to sample some of the enticing opportunities for eco-adventure during your stay. Travelers should pack a number of different types of clothing to prepare for a vacation on Saba.

Daily dress in the Caribbean is often slightly more formal than some travelers are accustomed to. Clothing on Saba is generally informal, but travelers should keep several important considerations in mind as they pack, like that lightweight, breathable fabrics in light colors will often be the most comfortable and help prevent them from overheating.

Temperatures on Saba can drop in the evening, especially in areas of higher elevations, so visitors may wish to pack a light sweater or jacket. A  jacket can also be important, especially when walking is a primary form of transportation, as is common among visitors.

Out and About

Unlike some islands in the Caribbean, on Saba, regular shorts are acceptable at most establishments during the day. But like many Caribbean islands, revealing clothing and beachwear is not acceptable attire in villages, restaurants, or shops. Travelers taking day long excursions to Saba from St. Maarten should keep in mind that beachwear will not be functional on the island, as there are no beaches on Saba. Visitors spending most of their vacation on Saba may wish to pack beachwear for the chance of a day trip to the beaches of St. Maarten, or some time at a hotel pool. Visitors should also protect themselves from the sun by packing sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses regardless of whether or not a beach day is a possibility.  

Vacationers often visit the island to indulge in eco-tourism adventures such as hiking and should pack appropriately for such activities. Many travelers and residents navigate Saba on foot. With much of the island being on an incline, it is essential that visitors pack a comfortable and durable pair of shoes that provide good traction. Comfortable active wear will be important for travelers making the hike up to the summit of Mt. Scenery.

From Day to Night

Casual sportswear and neat informal dress can be worn around the island. This is known as "resort wear" or "resort casual" and is common throughout the region.  Travelers are unlikely to find occasion for a jacket or tie, but may wish to have a nicer outfit for a romantic dinner at one of the small island restaurants.

Saba's steep terrain can be an issue because it creates difficulties for travelers navigating the island on foot. It can also result in cooler temperatures in the evening. Travelers should pack functional clothing and attire that will allow them to spend their time on Saba comfortably.


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