All About Crime on Saba

This tiny part of the Netherlands Antilles has little problem with crime

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Saba Crime

Crime is certainly not a heavy concern for travelers visiting the small island of Saba. Nevertheless, travelers should always take common sense precautions when they are traveling abroad.

Saba has a small, friendly population of just 1,200 citizens, many of whom are familiar with one another. Crime is not a large concern for residents or travelers here. There is a police office, located in The Bottom, and officers navigate the small island in squad cars to enforce traffic laws.

Although Saba is said by many to be largely crime free, it is always wise to take common sense precautions when you are traveling abroad. Travelers should always have their credit cards, cash, and other important documents such as passports in secure and concealed locations. Always lock hotel doors, and take advantage of hotel safes. Travelers should be cautious of removing credit cards and cash in public, and should also avoid flaunting expensive items such as jewelry or electronic equipment. Finally, avoid traveling in remote and unlit areas in the evening.

Travelers who take a day trip to St. Maarten or St. Martin should keep in mind that crime will be much more of a concern on that island, and should take extra care to safeguard themselves and their property. Never leave your valuables unattended on the beach, in public, or in your car. Again, avoid dark and isolated areas, including beaches.

Should you find yourself an unlikely victim of crime during your vacation on Saba, contact the local authorities immediately. You should also contact your nearest embassy or consular agent, who may be able to assist you in securing legal, medical, or financial help.

Here are the phone numbers of important contacts in the event of a crime or emergency while on Saba:

  • Police: 599-416-3237

  • Ambulance: 599-416-3289

All travelers are recommended to consult the United States Bureau of Consular Affairs guidelines for a safe trip abroad for helpful tips on packing and traveling.

While crime may not be a dominant concern on Saba, travelers never know when they may fall victim to it. Taking precautions to safeguard yourself and your possessions can help you avoid becoming crime.


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