Getting Through Customs on Saba

There are no customs to pass through when visiting Saba

Saba Customs

Many foreign countries have laws for importing or exporting certain goods through their borders. Travelers should make themselves aware of customs rules for countries they plan to visit, as well as for their home country.

Customs on Saba

Saba is a free port, and travelers do not have to go through customs to enter the island. However, there are restrictions on importation and exportation of firearms and wildlife. Although there are no customs when entering Saba, all travelers to the island must connect in St. Maarten. Customs in St. Maarten allow travelers to import 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars, 250 grams of tobacco, and 2 liters of alcohol. Marine specimens such as coral and shells are illegal to export from St. Maarten. Illegal drugs are not permitted on Saba or St. Maarten. Travelers can check with their local embassies for up-to-date customs information.

Customs Allowances for Re-entering the United States

The personal exemption allowance given to travelers returning to the United States from the Netherlands Antilles is $800(USD). Goods in excess of this allowance will be eligible for duty. Travelers may import limited amounts of alcohol and tobacco; the value of these goods will be included in the $800(USD) allowance. Travelers who have visited both Saba and a United States insular possession, such as the U.S. Virgin Islands, are given an exemption allowance of $1600(USD). No more than $800(USD) may be acquired from each place, however. Travelers are advised to save all sales receipts from their trip. Vacationers sending a package back to locations in the United States from Saba can send a value of up to $800(USD). Any packages that include fruits, meats, and other potentially hazardous or unhealthy materials may be inspected and the items confiscated. Travelers should be aware of the health risks posed by introducing foreign foods, plants, fruits, animals, insects, fish specimens, and other materials to the United States. Many of these types of items will not be allowed through United States customs. Restrictions are also placed on the import of items such as firearms and medications. Travelers should declare all foreign items they are attempting to import. United States citizens with specific questions regarding custom procedures and policies can contact the United States Customs and Border Protection (

What You Can Bring Home

Items Allowance
Tobacco 200 cigarettes
100 cigars (cannot be produced in Cuba)
*must be 21 years of age
2 liters of alcohol
*1 liter must be produced in a Caribbean Basin country
Fine Art and Antiques
(over 100 years of age)
duty free

In the event that a traveler is returning to the United States from Saba less than 48 hours after leaving the U.S., the items in their $800(USD) allowance are limited to: 50 cigarettes, 10 cigars, 150 milliliters of liquor and 150 milliliters of perfume.

Customs Contacts

Country Information
United States U.S. Customs Service
1300 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20229
Tel: 877-227-5511
United Kingdom HM Customs & Excise
Tel: 0845-010-9000
Canada Canada Border Services Agency
Tel: 800-461-9999
France Embassy of France in the United States
4101 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20007
Tel: 202-944-6375
Netherlands Royal Netherlands Embassy,
Washington, D.C.
4200 Linnean Avenue NW
Washington D.C. 20008 Tel: 202-244-5300
Australia Australian Customs Service
Tel: 1-300-363-263
New Zealand New Zealand Customs Service
Tel: 04-473-6099

Although there are no strict customs rules when entering Saba, travelers should keep track of their purchases and take seriously laws governing the importation and exportation of certain items.


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