Outlets and Voltage on Saba

Using travel appliances are important for many vacationers

Saba Electricity

Whether you wish to dry your hair after a day of scuba diving or charge your camera batteries for another day of taking pictures of captivating scenery, you should consider electricity standards when visiting a foreign country.

Although many travelers visit Saba to escape the modernized world and enjoy nature and eco-tourism, many may still wish to use basic travel appliances such as electric razors, battery chargers, and hair dryers. Travelers from the United States should be able to use most of their travel appliances by simply plugging them into the wall socket. Electricity on Saba runs at 110 volts and 60 cycles, which allows most appliances from the United States to be used. Most plugs on the island accept the flat two pronged blades that are standard on many U.S. electrical appliances and outlets.

Travelers from Europe and other areas of the world should buy converters or adapters that will allow them to use their appliances on Saba. Due to the small size of Saba and its limited number of shops, travelers may want to purchase these converters prior to traveling. Travelers with questions concerning large electrical appliances should consult their hotel or accommodations. Travelers staying in eco-lodges should be aware that electricity may not be available on site.

After a day of hiking up Mt. Scenery or exploring the waters of the Saba Marine Park, travelers can take advantage of some modern comforts by utilizing Saba's electricity.



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