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Saba offers a number of dining options for travelers of all budgets

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Saba Food

Deciding what to eat is one of the many choices that travelers must make on vacation. Visitors on Saba may wish to explore a number of options in order to sample all that the island has to offer.


Restaurants on Saba are predominantly small establishments that serve a variety of international and Caribbean cuisines prepared with care by local chefs. There are several nicer restaurants on the island that offer travelers a more refined dining experience, complete with European cuisines and wine. Some of these are independent establishments while others are located inside hotels.  Find out if the accommodations you are considering have a restaurant on site when you visit our list of all of the island's hotels (A to Z: Hotels in Detail).  Here you will be able to learn about all of your prospective hotel's amenities, as well as find out if there is a restaurant on property, or nearby. 

Other restaurants have comfortable and relaxed atmospheres and serve West Indian Creole, American, and other international cuisine. Travelers can also find snack bars and delis for quick meals as they explore the island's terrain. 

Just as restaurants are categorized by cuisine and atmosphere, many are also divided by price. Luckily, travelers can find dining options available for any budget while on Saba, and may be able to find meals for lower prices at some of the nicer island restaurants. Inexpensive meals can run from $5(USD) to $10(USD), while moderately priced restaurants serve meals ranging from $10(USD) to $25(USD). Some of the island's finest restaurants charge from $25(USD) to $35(USD) per meal. The price of drinks, appetizers, and desserts can always drive the price of a meal higher, but travelers should have no problem finding a restaurant to match their budget while on the island. 

Because the square mileage of Saba is so small, you can expect that a restaurant is not far away from any location that you choose to visit, though Windwardside is where you will find the highest concentration of locales.  Restaurants in Windwardside include Brigadoon, Swinging Doors, and Tropics Cafe.  On lazy days spent hanging out at the hotel, some guests prefer not to have to leave the property.  Take a look at out article featuring the if you know this will be important to you.

Culinary Styles


While American and many other international dishes are available throughout the island, it is the West Indian Creole style of cooking that dominates local dishes.  Freshly caught seafood is often prepared with spicy creole spices and sauces, and jerk sauces dominate as well.  Curries, rotis, stews of local meats like goat and chicken are well-liked meal options.  Fresh, exotic fruits like mangoes, breadfruit, and soursops make for excellent snacks and desserts.  Learn more about the type of cuisine served on Saba when you read our article on Culinary Styles.


Although a number of fine wines from around the world can be found at many restaurants on the island, the real drink of choice is Saba Spice.  Containing 151 proof rum, brown sugar, and cloves, Saba Spice can be taken as a shot, or spun into a great many other mixed drinks.

In the end, vacationers should choose dining options that fit their budget and their tastes. Travelers who are on a honeymoon or romantic getaway may wish to dine at some of the nicer island restaurants that offer quiet atmospheres and fine food and drink. Eco-tourists may wish to mingle with fellow adventurers at one of the islands more relaxed affairs. Saba can cater to most travelers' dining preferences, from quick and inexpensive to elegant and refined.


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